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Keepers of the Eternal Flame

Posted by Jennak Nov 21, 2007

I walk through Daley Plaza nearly every day and I've never noticed the throngs of homeless pigeons huddled around the eternal flame to keep warm. I'm sure every Chicagoan would rather have a more noble animal guarding the flame that has reminded us since 1972, of all of the veterans who served or lost their lives in the armed forces of the United States. I'm not sure what it is about pigeons. . .




In other pigeon related news. . .I've been in (photo) pursuit of the man I call "Pigeon Guy" since I got my Sony equipment. He's fascinating. Every morning for weeks I would see him, dressed in a business suit, carrying an expensive briefcase and a HUGE bag of bread crumbs. He stands near the flower garden in front the Thompson center. He puts the plastic bag down and sort of cascades the crumbs over his arms so the pigeons are forced to eat off of his arms and rest in his hands. All I can say is YUCK! Pigeon Guy has eluded me since I became a Sony Ambassador. HRRUMPH. Probably a good thing.

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