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catching up

Posted by Joe_h1 on Jun 28, 2010 10:26:31 AM

Thursday and Friday turned out to be nothing days was way too busy with family stuff going and was dead tired so I promised myself i'd be good this weekend. Saturday came quick and I really didn't want to get out of bed but luckily the car had to get to the garage by 7AM so that at least got me out of bed. I brought my MP3 player for motivation cause my tank was empty (as was my stomach cause I forgot breakfast) It was already plenty warm and sticky. I shuffled along looking for something good on the local radio. no luck. By Byerry Hill I found my running legs and Guns N' Roses was on the radio. Things clicked into place after that. 90 min run avg hr 148 probably around 8 miles all together.


Sunday is a day I promise to sleep in with the family and we had our big breakfast and I ate more of daughters leftover PB chip pancakes than I expected to.  Around 10PM when everyone was asleep I crept into the pain cave and did a quick 30 min spin/15 min ellitpical brick


Monday had to do some errands so lacking any common sense i figured this would be a good time to get a run in.  The Heat Index is 97. small dogs have burst into flames. 60 min run all together probably 9 minute/mile pace. Really a miserable run but feel great now that it is over and the AC in my office is working so wonderfully.

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