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Return of the flipturn

Posted by Joe_h1 on Jun 30, 2010 11:55:03 AM

The plan called for a swim today and I've avoided the pool for the last couple ,um, weeks so on this beautiful sunny temperate day I'm off to the community pool to stare at a black line and bubbles for 30 minutes. 1600yds in 32:30 a little more than 4 minutes per 200. Same as my swim pace two months and two years ago. doesn't matter how many laps I do and what condition I'm inI swim 4 minutes per 200 is my pace. I'm a little tugboat - slow and steady. Alas, with less than 90 days before my first iron distance I have to start taking this task seriously. So I've signed up for a Master swim program. This won't be pretty. In preparation for this colossally bad idea I dusted off my old friend the flipturn. Haven't seen him since I last swim in a speedo over 18 years ago.  We parted on good terms but it has been a while - I hope he still recognized me. As I closed in on wall I reach out and touched it w/ my hand (am I supposed to do this?) held my breathe and stuck out my arms as some ancient muscle memory threw my body in a spin under the water.  i opened my eyes and noted I was facing an open lane and pushed off the wall and was on my merry way. good to see you again my friend.

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