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boys will be boys

Posted by Joe_h1 Jul 22, 2010

anyway another crisis yesterday and no training for me but today I was very happy to make it to the pool today with no distractions. had no real plan except to swim. and after I lost count of laps after a couple minutes i decided it would be a slow easy swim. Then HE showed up. no idea who HE was but he was in the lane next to me and swimming a pace similar to mine except HE was better at flip turns and would gap me so i would motor a little bit to catch up to HIM and then we'd hit the wall and the whole cycle would begin again. It was great fun but after 10-20 minutes I figured I had enough and my goggle were starting to leak so I pulled out and did a couple minutes cool down and headed for the showers

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early AM run hot and tired

Posted by Joe_h1 Jul 20, 2010

up before the dawn again. missed my long run over the weekend so I got in this morning. it was hot and sticky even before the dawn and by the time the run was over it looked like I had been swimming.  NASTY. I wanted to take my shirt off for the last loop but my neighbors already look at me weird. speaking of looking weird saw a guy last night running with hand weights and though how silly that looked and how much that would hurt after a while.  well this morning I decided to go with my leftover Infinit from Sunday's ride as my run nutrition. that sucker got really heavy after an hour and a half.  This apparently is the part of my training journey story where something on me breaks and i have to over come it. at the start of my run the left Achilles was throbbing.  by the end of the first loop my achilles felt better but my right ilitolial band started hurting but then the pain wandered over to my left knee by the end of the 3 loop.  hopefully the fact that the pain wandered around my body instead of hanging out in one  spot means that it isn't that serious. 12.75 miles in 2hrs 1st loop 38 min, 2nd loop 37 minutes, 3rd loop 39 minutes Avg Hr 150

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lousy week

Posted by Joe_h1 Jul 15, 2010

Tuesday crazy heat, crazy life means another rest day


Wednesday busy day at work that killed my plans for a lunch run.  Wednesday is Denise’s volleyball night so after dinner and pajamas I set up the kids to watch their show so I can do the elliptical for an hour.  Not ideal but it is at least easy on my knees.  My four year daughter comes in to check on me after a couple minutes and sits down in a chair.  She begins to pretend to read a story to me.  It is a long wandering tale about three friends being locked in a bathroom and eventually they end up flushing one down the potty.  I really wonder what goes on in her head.  She looks so normal.  But she tells the story with such enthusiasm that we are both cracking up.  After about a half hour of this it’s time for Hannah Montana dance party. Poor girl has a not so great taste in music and my sense of rhythm.  My hour on the elliptical ended and the kids went to bed.


Thursday I was up before the dawn and did a 3hour ride. The longest ride of year to date and only issue I had was that it was boring.  I had no route laid out beforehand and was making the ride up as I went. Dull – which I guess is a good thing.


Friday woke up before the dawn again to the sounds of my daughter throwing up.  We spent the early morning watching her expel the contents of her digestive system out both ends.  My lunch she was very close to being back to her non-gross self.  I got lucky in the afternoon and was able to do a quick 30 min run.  I added in about 10 minutes of fartleks to try and keep it honest.  Nothing much else to add except everyone thought it was a good idea to let their oversized dogs off the leash.  Most of the time they just wanted to say hi or put on a show but I didn’t want to take any chances with the german shepard and turned around to avoid him.


Saturday was a washout and we were busy entertaining a friend who came in from outta town.


Sunday did more entertaining and no training.  At around 2:30AM we get The Call.  There was a time when calls at 2:30AM were a great thing. It meant a drunken friend somewhere wanted to catch up.  Sadly at my stage of life a call now at 2:30AM only means bad news.  Denise’s grandmother had slipped and fallen.  The voice on the phone did not give her long to live.  Denise rushed out to be at her grandmothers’ side.   She passed away early on Monday morning.


Denise’s grandmother is not your milk and cookies kind of grandmother.  She was TOUGH.  She was known to have pop errant soccer balls that ended in her yard in front of their owners.  When Denise took me to meet her family I was warned to high tail it out the front door if I saw her grandmother grab her broom, her weapon of choice.  She was TOUGH because She had to be – she raise three children by herself during the Korean war and had to depend on herself to protect herself and her family.  This an trait that she carried over to this country.   Denise didn’t recall any happy moments with her grandmother but does credit her with instilling a fighting spirit in her that won’t let her back down from any fight and strong sense of family and a need to protect the family even the stupid Ahole uncles. So the last couple days have been a mix of tears, anger, and Korean food.  We are pretty exhausted but are prepared to take up our lives again.

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Great holiday weekend

Posted by Joe_h1 Jul 6, 2010

was super busy so I'll catch you up


Thursday - run day so 5 hill repeats at unisys hill. great little hill and it was a beautiful day but I was rushed so I only got about 30 minutes in


Friday- another life induced rest day


Saturday - up early to face down some person hobgoblins of doubt on the bike.  haven't ridden Bloo at all lately and first couple miles were getting reacquanted.  After warm up I decided to ride to New Hope. This is a country backroad ride with 3 good climbs at the base of the second hill a small voice in my head starting talking smack. ' you're not going to be able to finish this ride...somethings off you don't have it today' instead of calling this voice a little b!tch or worse yet giving in I negotiated - just keep going as long as we can as long as nothing is wrong and nothing is. this is what it is supposed to feel like doing a long climb.  i kept climbing and eating and eventually made the turnaround where a quick check showed my blood sugars was in a good range. so off we went again I took on the last and worst climb off the day and I owned it.  the rest of the ride was fantastic - me and bloo were sympatico and the little voice was vanquished.  all together it was about 41 miles in 2:50. I got back home started the coffee maker and switched into my running shoes and did a quick mile.


later that day we drove down to the beaches of lower delaware


Sunday - after a long day of sun and fun I got permission to do a long run before dinner. perfect timing it was still light and very warm and about the same time of day I will getting off the bike for my iron distance in sept.  The first two miles i pushed the pace too hard and the heat, lack of shade, and buffallo wings I had for dinner last night quickly turned the run into a death shuffle. I was overjoyed! This was a fantastic race simulation. tired, hot and a stomach on fire doing loops around the house where I could quit at any time.  I kept going.  I guess i could have used a portaloo out there to further compliment my race simulation but I figured I should leave some mystery for raceday. I finished with a sour stomach and a huge smile. 90 minutes


Monday - first ocean swim EVER. did a warm up of body surfing w/ the boy and saw a dolphin out in the waves (or at least I thought It was dolphin might may been a mutated deranged anchovey) so suck it kona I can swim with dolphins on the east coast. I got out past the breakers and swam to the jetty and back. the current was a lot harder on the way back. no sighting issues.  Did have the taste of salt pretzels for the whole swim though. one incident to report where a person swam under me and I touched their back.  It was a bit of a suprise and I freaked for a second fearing that I found a dead body luckily they popped to the surface and started swimming. about 25 minutes to cover around 800 yards.

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