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boys will be boys

Posted by Joe_h1 on Jul 22, 2010 10:18:25 AM

anyway another crisis yesterday and no training for me but today I was very happy to make it to the pool today with no distractions. had no real plan except to swim. and after I lost count of laps after a couple minutes i decided it would be a slow easy swim. Then HE showed up. no idea who HE was but he was in the lane next to me and swimming a pace similar to mine except HE was better at flip turns and would gap me so i would motor a little bit to catch up to HIM and then we'd hit the wall and the whole cycle would begin again. It was great fun but after 10-20 minutes I figured I had enough and my goggle were starting to leak so I pulled out and did a couple minutes cool down and headed for the showers

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