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got cleared to train like a loon again

Posted by Joe_h1 on Aug 4, 2010 6:13:05 AM

IT IS ON! finally got the call back from my doc (at 10PM on a lousy cell connection but it counts) I told him about my reverse bonk  last week and he (a marathon and triathlete as well as being a doc) said basically I'm an experiment of one and that ride should not have to be the end of my season. He recommended halfing my carb intake and increasing my hydration and keep testing.  I passed this info on to the ever patient Denise and she was still behind me -not thrilled with the upcoming crazy rides I left but still behind me.  So it's back on.  did a easy 30 minutes of elliptical at midnight to celebrate then did an hour of spinning with some single leg and some standing intervals early this morning. Even with little sleep, I feel GREAT now.  It's great to have my race back.  BRING IT!

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