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NERRC 21K half marathon RR

Posted by Joe_h1 on Oct 26, 2010 10:34:07 AM

NERRC 21K race. This is a no frills race that I have soft spot in heart for. well I did anyway till I ran past the falls point bridge and didn't see any volunteers so kept running and took the first wrong turn in a race ever. I was not feeling the magic today (could blame the phillies game last night but that's too easy) by mile 12ish I was pretty burned out and was starting to jog it in. then i remembered the pep talk we gave to my 7 year old yesterday before his soccer game 'winning doesn't matter as much as always giving your best effort' so I ratched it up and crossed in around 1:43:15 and feeling like toasted *** avg hr 169 and the good news was No pain in my ITB or my AT so I guess its a win

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