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Joe_H's Blog

November 2010

I'm not ready for the cold yet

Posted by Joe_h1 Nov 3, 2010

the good news is I woke up 3 days in a row and fought the urge to go back to bed and did a workout. The bad news is i did them all inside. It is just too dark and cold at 6:30 to go and run much less ride. I will get there but right now it's just too much of a hassle to get my gloves/hat/jacket/long sleeve shirt/sweatpants all together and on my tired body to go outside and enjoy the frost. so for now it's just me staring at wall dreaming of the summer sun.

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LMHS alumni 5k 21:53

Posted by Joe_h1 Nov 1, 2010

Saturday had a 5k at my old High School. sadly they changed the course so I couldn't compete against the high school version of me but it was a great run. the old course was 2.8 miles but was Uberhilly so time were akin to a 5k's. Now the course is still very very hilly but it's a full 5k. it very small field but saw an old XC teammate and other friends. I did even meet up with my old XC coach, Coach Rapson. it was amazing. haven't seen the guy in two decades and after saying hi, he tells me to double tie my shoes so I don't wipe out like I did in high school once. twenty years later and still busting my chops. ::) the start was pretty informal just a loud "Go!" from the Girls XC coach and we were off. I took off w/ my old teammate Bennet. We hit the first turn and the race is over Bennet is gone and there is nobody near me. Up the first bad hill and it hurts. I reach the top and note my HR is 190 highest HR I've hit. no problem only 2.8 miles to go and 3 hills to go. :P. During my 4 years in XC I did the old course countless times in races and practice somuch I could do it in my sleep so at the end of the 2nd hill I passed Coach Rap and turned left like we always used to do ignoring the large white straight arrow on the ground. from behind me I heard the familiar voice of Coach Rap 'G#$%^mn it go straight Joe!' gotta love the personal service you get at small races.I slogged along by myself and made it the finisher's hill, a short but steep mutha, without walking and crossed the finish line to collect my old school tongue depressor w/ the #2 on top of it. still a great course but will be doing a lot more hill work before I try this again.

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