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3/29 lunch run hill repeats

Posted by Joe_h1 on Mar 29, 2011 9:59:14 AM

take a hint winter no one likes you! go away!! 3.58 mi 00:30 08:14 pace

no nice way to say F@#$ off winter! didn' feel like running but would hate myself if i missed doing anything today. found sweatpants,a sweatshirt and gloves and headed out the door. after a while I decided the run alone wasn't improving my world view so decided hills were in order. 4 leslie drive hills no time or HR JUST F'ING HARD. on the way back I felt fantastic and gobsmacked at what I'd just done. I forgot what an amazing machine the human body is (even one f'ed up as mine) and how amazingly grateful I am for moments like that.

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