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busy weekend

Posted by Joe_h1 Jun 6, 2011

Saturday 8Mile Time Trial 23:58 10/11 in civilian class 35+

They call it the race of Truth. here are truths I unearthed today.

1. It's a blast to try something new that scares the crap out of you

2. I should really work on my core exercises before putting on a tight tri top

3. Time trials are fun

4. being passed on by 4 other riders does not make feel good

5. passing a 14yr old rider in a time trial does not make feel any better



had a REGEN recovery drink (i run/ride for Team REGEN so ya know) and hoped my legs would be recovered for my other race on sunday

Saturday night big date night 90 min drive to Atlantic city go see the Go-Go's play the house of blues (yes I'm old) arrive at the show and get a voicemail that the show has been cancelled :(

. hang out in AC for a bit and get some food and drive back I pass out  for a bit of the ride


Sunday up at 5:45 for a 45min drive to Race #2

Independence supersprint tri 450 yd swim, 10 mile bike, 2mile run

Swim 12minutes

hung out with the other old heads (green caps for my new age group 40+) before the race and joked about being overtired and undertrained. it was overcast and almost chilly. the swim has muddy and had seaweed and after my second kick to chest I began thinking I had enough of triathlon


bike 33minutes

not as hilly as I thought It be. legs felt great and I had a grand old time passing and chatting w/ everyone. the fast cyclist must have stayed home to watch the race in philly today cause I was only passed by 1 guy. I was cruising w/ my HR just below my Lactate Threshold. legs felt fresh despite yesterday TT. must push harder next time



Run 13minutes


spent the first 1/4 mile wondering who shot in me in the calves. after that was AWESOME! had a great run. no one passed me and I was catching a lot of guys. w/ a 1/2 mile to go I caught a guy in blue trisuit and pulled alongside. he looked at me and said' you know I'm a world class sprinter right?' I flex and snarled' BRING IT' we laughed and gave hi fives and I dropped him just before the finish.


finished 2nd in the old head group

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