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I'm not ready for the cold yet

Posted by Joe_h1 Nov 3, 2010

the good news is I woke up 3 days in a row and fought the urge to go back to bed and did a workout. The bad news is i did them all inside. It is just too dark and cold at 6:30 to go and run much less ride. I will get there but right now it's just too much of a hassle to get my gloves/hat/jacket/long sleeve shirt/sweatpants all together and on my tired body to go outside and enjoy the frost. so for now it's just me staring at wall dreaming of the summer sun.

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LMHS alumni 5k 21:53

Posted by Joe_h1 Nov 1, 2010

Saturday had a 5k at my old High School. sadly they changed the course so I couldn't compete against the high school version of me but it was a great run. the old course was 2.8 miles but was Uberhilly so time were akin to a 5k's. Now the course is still very very hilly but it's a full 5k. it very small field but saw an old XC teammate and other friends. I did even meet up with my old XC coach, Coach Rapson. it was amazing. haven't seen the guy in two decades and after saying hi, he tells me to double tie my shoes so I don't wipe out like I did in high school once. twenty years later and still busting my chops. ::) the start was pretty informal just a loud "Go!" from the Girls XC coach and we were off. I took off w/ my old teammate Bennet. We hit the first turn and the race is over Bennet is gone and there is nobody near me. Up the first bad hill and it hurts. I reach the top and note my HR is 190 highest HR I've hit. no problem only 2.8 miles to go and 3 hills to go. :P. During my 4 years in XC I did the old course countless times in races and practice somuch I could do it in my sleep so at the end of the 2nd hill I passed Coach Rap and turned left like we always used to do ignoring the large white straight arrow on the ground. from behind me I heard the familiar voice of Coach Rap 'G#$%^mn it go straight Joe!' gotta love the personal service you get at small races.I slogged along by myself and made it the finisher's hill, a short but steep mutha, without walking and crossed the finish line to collect my old school tongue depressor w/ the #2 on top of it. still a great course but will be doing a lot more hill work before I try this again.

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10/26 sanity run

Posted by Joe_h1 Oct 26, 2010
wow worked just sucked the life out of me today. woke up excited to run and by lunch time I was done.  just felt tired and grumpy then remembered how grumpy I'd be at the end of today if i didn't run so for the sake of my family, friends and coworkers I did a nice 34 min loop run and eased the aches out of my legs (and soul)

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NERRC 21K half marathon RR

Posted by Joe_h1 Oct 26, 2010

NERRC 21K race. This is a no frills race that I have soft spot in heart for. well I did anyway till I ran past the falls point bridge and didn't see any volunteers so kept running and took the first wrong turn in a race ever. I was not feeling the magic today (could blame the phillies game last night but that's too easy) by mile 12ish I was pretty burned out and was starting to jog it in. then i remembered the pep talk we gave to my 7 year old yesterday before his soccer game 'winning doesn't matter as much as always giving your best effort' so I ratched it up and crossed in around 1:43:15 and feeling like toasted *** avg hr 169 and the good news was No pain in my ITB or my AT so I guess its a win

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first 140.6 - trigger pulled

Posted by Joe_h1 Sep 15, 2010

After 2 years of training, juggling, setbacks and triumphs I have finally pulled the trigger on my first iron distance event.  After this weekend's half ironman i feel totally ready and plunked my money down for the chesapeakeman ultra distance tri on 9/25 in Cambridge, Md



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sunday was a great training day.


saturday was my off day and my daughters first soccer game of the year. she played tough and despite being a little one wasnt afraid to mix it up with the bigger kids. then it was off to a community park event so my daughter could ride some ponies and the boy could learn about muskets and WWII german weaponry from reenactors. back home for some dinner w/ our friend frank and his girls and the traditional prerace building of kitchen cabinets. went to bed around 10pm.


snuck out the door around 4am had a breakfast of pb crackers and fig newtowns w/ powerade zero on my drive down to delaware. arrived just as the parking lot opened and the rain began to fall. hit the registration tent before the crowd showed up and went back to my car. I decided to close my eyes and try to center myself before all the chaos grabs hold of me. well centering myself makes me have to poop. off to portapotties. portapotties before dawn are clean but dark, scary and inefficient. i grab my bags and bike and head off to T1. I get set up and break out my 9 year old never been work Orca longsleeve wetsuit that I got for doing Team in Training forever ago. surprisingly it fit. felt like a second skin. eventually we are kicked out of T1 and walk down to the pond.


they send us in the water and tell us to go to the first bouy about 200yds in the pond for the start. we walk out then start swimming to the start. As I reach the bouy I look up and see half the wave has left. a guy in a kayak says the race started 45 seconds again. D'oh!! well off I go. the suit is great but my stroke just doesn't feel quite right. I try to relax and focus on getting from bouy to bouy. I miss the initial rugby scrim bdue to my brilliant strategy of letting the crowd go first but still get a kick to the jaw and to my ribs

(right where it's tender from my crash last week

). the water is murky and I taste a lot of grit. yum. about 3/4 I notice the suit is squeezing my bladder. HARD. so I decide to really break in my suit.

out of the water in around 40minutes. was hoping to do better but oh well. a 1/4 mile run to T1. check my sugars 82 perfect I pop a gel and some meds and give denise and update text and 7minutes 15 seconds later I'm off.


it was still drizzling when I got the bike but that's fine with me cause I apparently can't handle the heat. I focus very hard on keep my HR below 145. I want to ride conservatively and save my energy for Mile 10 of the run. so I ride and eat every 15 minutes and test my sugars every hour and everything is working out fine I feel great and my sugars are steady. the course is rolling hills and boring but again that's fine cause this is a training day not a race. i tell myself this constantly as people pass me or I see someone ahead of me. that I'm not in it to win it I'm here to cover the distance and be ready for my first iron distance in two weeks so today is not a day to play hero. by the end of the bike my neck is sore and my tummy feels full but legs and lungs feel fine. I can do this one more time but it will be a grind. 3:09:14


T2 I jump off the bike and give Denise a call as I lace up my shoes. blood sugars are still holding steady. I pop another gel and i'm off. 6:33


I hit run and am grinding gears as I try to find my legs. I am tellling myself to slow down and keep my HR below 155. I calm down and get into a groove but the first six miles I strain against my HR limit. I hit the turnaround in around 58 minutes and my sugars are still fantastic despite the bars, gels and watered down gatorade I've been snacking on. I figure I'm close to 6hrs

(a barrier I've never been able to break in my previous 3 halfs

) I decide I've been disciplined enough and it would be cool to go for it. So I set phaser to kill

(actually more like hurt feelings but whatever

) and run by feel. The miles go clicking by. I gain a running partner along the way a high school sophmore doing his first half. We chat for a couple miles but I lose him at an aid station. i hit mile 10 and tried to push that much harder but this is also the base of the one bad hill of the course ahead of me I see people walking. I hit it no problem and enjoy the long downhill to mile 12. I am booking pretty hard but think I have a small cushion to breaking 6hrs

(but am guessing cause there are no clocks anywhere on the course and I started my watch late

) i hit the last turn and look for the finish clock and it's not there. I cross the line and stop my watch. Run time 1:51:56. i pass a lot of folks and get only passed by 2. I'm tired but could have run all day


official time 6:00:03. GRRRRRR


still this was my best Half ever. no cramps, no walking, no blowing up. A PR by 20 minutes for the distance and 40 minutes for this course. definitely would have broken six if this was my goal for the year but it isn't. My goal this year is to cover 140.6 and this was an excellent test for it.

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I'm so done with a training plan. sick of figuring what I should be doing and how hard. today I had it and just ran at lunch again. no heart rate monitor or plan just me, my feet and the heat. pushed it when I wanted to took a detour up a tough hill just because.  I felt a like a dog let off it's chain.

But me being a triathlete I can't let a workout go without crunchign some numbers 3.95 miles in 35:30.  ahhh all is in balance now.

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"Thanks for your order Joe H!


You are now registered for Delaware Diamondman® Triathlon - Half Iron Triathlon!! The event is scheduled for 09/12/2010 (Sun).
Piranha Sports will be listed on your charge card statement as the vendor for this charge"


FINALLY!! this will be my first tri of the year (actually a couple years -rain last year turned a couple into Du's) and first race since june.  sure it is less than 2 weeks from my iron distance but it'll be all under 150 bpm. phhhtt! a walk in the park. i hope.

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hope springs eternal

Posted by Joe_h1 Aug 25, 2010

1 month to go before my first iron distance tri and still have doubts but gotta say the ability to put out a good 20 mile run on a random wednesday morning is huge confidence booster. first 15 miles felt incredibly smooth. the last 5 required more effort but still nothing really went wrong. everything just clicked today but I ran smart and controlled and not like the usual spaz that I am and it worked out great.  ran w/ no headphones today and was actually hoping it would rain so this would be the toughest workout possible but no luck.  so California uber alles and happy happy joy joy was stuck in my head the entire run.  I had a protien bar the second hour and my sugars were good and stopped every 3 miles for a quick drink and some salt tabs.  was able to finish on time and grab a quick shower and make to work on time though I am kinda of hobbling around the place.  I think I may have a chance at my big race only 30 days away if I race smart and within myself.  this could just work

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Not a good training weekend.  Was politely 'asked' by my wife to help her with some projects going on in our hourse including orgazing the kids toys and planning our daughters birthday party.  I know i'm not a huge help in either one of these departments and get in the way more often than not but know enough to pitch in when I am asked. BUT it's 8 weeks till my first iron distance event  and I should be doing some serious mileage now to get ready.  alas there only so many hours in the day and about a million items on my honey do list so my training log is empty for the weekend. oh well I will find a way to get those miles back this week but I started this adventure to gives thanks to god/yaweh/creation/the spaghetti monster for the time I have here with great family and friends I do have.  to make this time count and sometimes that means playing go fish w/ my daughter rather than running around the neighborhood for two hours.


yesterday I did get in a great 1500yd swim and today I had a quick work out 3.42 mile in 32 minutes w/4 leslie hill repeats. no HRM just the sound of my lungs imploding  at the top of the hill

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