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Am I a man if I... in General Discussion notsodeadly 3 years ago by BobbyStanley 7,287 3
Re: Running in Yoga teamwilliams21 3 years ago by adamheimann 7,852 8
dad of 2 kids checking in in Active Family mommyjill05 3 years ago by RylanMede 15,219 10
welcome to the sport chris in 5K Training MartinJ99 3 years ago by Ogr44 24,231 29
Re: heart monitors / watches? in Equipment and Gear eljefepaul 4 years ago by TheGekko 10,482 18
Re: Swimming etiquette in General Discussion Healeycam 4 years ago by WellBeing1 16,218 17
Re: 70.3 with a Head Cold anyone? in The Med Tent Josh-in-Training 6 years ago by TheHealthyMD 7,860 8
When should I stop training for my first tri? in Newbies (New Triathletes) MattCieri9255 4 years ago by Baylor Barbee 6,870 6
Re: Never Run a Triathlon, Doing an Full Ironman in Sept in Newbies (New Triathletes) FatBaby24 4 years ago by IronMakeover 5,690 9
Re: blue green algae = duathlon.  Advice? in General Discussion ScrappinMama 4 years ago by ScrappinMama 1,893 3
Re: Bring my bento box during a sprint tri? in General Discussion DDChies1 4 years ago by JoshuaHickey 7,523 19
Re: Lake swim in Singlet? in General Discussion DDChies1 5 years ago by DDChies1 3,197 7
Re: Triathlon Etiquette? in Newbies (New Triathletes) runblakerun 5 years ago by Julie Ann Hackett 3,793 6
Re: MP3 player enforcement during 70.3 in General Discussion notsodeadly 5 years ago by Aprilfool79 12,845 27
Re: Bike consideration... in Equipment and Gear DLTerrell 5 years ago by DLTerrell 1,778 4