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I don't diet, I fuel my active lifestyle

Posted by JoshuaHickey on Jul 22, 2011 9:44:14 AM

Tip #1, Do eat early - The lean body needs food to restore its balance, in the morning its been nine hours since you last ate.  If you skip breakfast your blood glycogen levels will be on a yoyo for the rest of the day trying to recover.  Breakfast provides that energy reserve to feel more active during the day.  The next time you make a bad food choice for just in time energy needs during the day think about it, did you skip breakfast?


Tip #2, Don't eat late - Set your watch alarm for 7 pm and stop eating.  Put a post it on your fridge, your body does not need any more food to try to metabolize while your sleeping.  Eat an earlier dinner then stop eating.  Note, alcohol impairs the bodies ability to recover from training with a good night sleep & wake up fresh for your am routine so make a conscious choice to only accept this impact on occasion but not the norm.  If you are over weight and not a morning person have you thought about how alcohol could be a factor causing that unhealthy morning feeling?


Tip #3, Food fuels exercise - eating to fuel exercise trumps any diet out there.  Most diets are written for lethargic people and would not fuel an active lifestyle.  Given 33% of Americans are overweight while only 1% can do an endurance event like a half marathon explains to me who's the target audience is for the diet books.  There is a difference between doing a diet with a sedative lifestyle and healthy fuel for an active lifestyle.  Perfect your daily training ritual on what you need to consume two hours before working out and what protein you will consume within 30 min post workout. Instead of boasting about that latest diet which leaves you lethargic on the couch why don't you simply eat something healthy and get your but up for a walk/run?


Tip #4, The grocery list - are you disciplined enough to read about nutrition, plan a grocery list, throw out bad food (processed & refined) then restock (fresh)?  Being lazy about the food you surround yourself with at home will make it harder for you to make the right choices throughout the week.  Fast food makes you slow and healthy food is not so convenient so don't be lazy about planning your grocery list. Time invested once a week shopping right & being organized saves time during the week.  You are going to see the results of the food you put into this body in your later years so put good food into your body.  You're a product of your environment, what food do you surround yourself with at home?


Tip #5, The healthy family - what type of peer pressure does family, friends and society place on you to be sedative?  Do you gain weight during the holidays conforming to habits of overweight relatives?  You can't change your family gene pool but you can influence their customs to be more active.  Break tradition, be the one who takes grandma for a walk at Thanksgiving, plan Easter to walk around Disneyland, go skiing for xmas, step up and take over planning your holiday get together to incorporate something active.  It will be hard not to just sit around eating and drinking but take the reigns.  If it's not possible with your extended family narrow the focus to your immediate family to live a healthy lifestyle.  For those you love their health is important to you.  The proactive family member does not wait to hear the bad news from a relatives doctors visit but instead helps contribute even if its the smallest little thing to influence healthy habits ahead of time.  Old people are stubborn and in family tradition you were the child growing up but get over it and take the reigns to lead by example & introduce new healthy traditions. Remember your family's health is worth it.  You're a product of your environment, what active lifestyle habits do you do with your family?

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