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My race pace strategy: Go for it

Posted by JoshuaHickey on Aug 5, 2011 5:59:39 AM

Race pace strategy includes 4 choices:

  1. The sandbag it pace
  2. The safe pace
  3. The I'm going for it pace
  4. The stupid pace


The sandbag it pace is a comfortable pace you do socially with others.  The safe pace is your own pace that is familiar to you based on training so your simply executing what you've already proven to yourself you can do in training.  The stupid pace is going out at a DNF I'm going to explode but its fun to show off while my adrenaline is high pace.  The I'm going for it pace is PR worthy meaning your taking slightly more risk than training reveals because you know its not a training day its a race day. 


The I'm going for it pace is the ideal pace to race with.  When you go for it, you are pushing the line and when you do so the majority of the time you become vulnerable during your runners low experience and learn something new about yourself to improve that line you crossed next time you race.  But on exception you achieve a unique state of mind + body experience where your performance reflects the next level.  Some people never test themselves against this line during a race because of the fear of becoming vulnerable.  If you ask me what you should run I'll tell you don't sandbag it but don't be stupid so if its your B race play it safe but if its your A race I say go for it.  Now you know what I'm talking about.  P.S. B races are done for training purposes & experience so play it safe, A races are to PR so go for it!

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