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***Looking for a winter practice facility??? Pendleton Area - Reasonable Rates*** by Julie_D 1 year ago
***INDIANA SHOCKWAVES - 14U-DAVIS - TRYOUTS - Sunday, August 3, 2014*** by Julie_D softball, 12u, 12u_tryouts, shockwaves, indiana_shockwaves, rob_davis, private_tryouts 2 years ago
****Indiana Shockwaves - Rob Davis 14U- Tryouts - August 3, 2014**** by Julie_D softball, indiana, 12u, 01, 02, shockwaves, indiana_shockwaves, rob_davis 2 years ago
***Looking for a facility to practice this winter??? Located Northeast of Indy*** by Julie_D baseball, softball, indiana, indoor, pendleton, baseball_facility 2 years ago
Looking for a place to practice in the winter?? Northeast of Indianapolis - Pendleton Area! by Julie_D baseball, softball, hitting, winter, indoor, hitting_facility 2 years ago
***Hitting Lessons - Pendleton Area- Instructor:  Rob Davis - by Julie_D softball, hitting, hitting_lessons, rob_davis, softball_hitting_lessons 2 years ago
**Hitting Lessons - Instructor:  Rob Davis Pendleton Area ** by Julie_D pendleton, softball_training, hitting_lessons, area. 2 years ago
****Indiana Shockwaves Rob Davis 12 U- LOOKING FOR A PITCHER AND UTILITY PLAYER**** by Julie_D softball, indiana, tryouts, 12u, shockwaves, indiana_shockwaves, rob_davis 3 years ago
***Indiana Shockwaves 12U A - DAVIS HOLDING PRIVATE TRYOUT TODAY MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2013*** by Julie_D softball, 12u, shockwaves, indiana_shockwaves, rob_davis, private_tryout 3 years ago
12 U Shockwaves -Davis Looking for players!! by Julie_D pitcher, indiana, 12u, shockwaves 3 years ago
12U Friendly Games @ Pendleton Heights/Indiana by Julie_D games, indiana, 12u, pendleton, friendly, heights, shockwaves 3 years ago
Indiana Shockwaves - 12U- Davis Tryouts!!! by Julie_D indiana, 12u, shockwaves 4 years ago
Indoor practice facility - Northeast of Indianapolis by Julie_D baseball, softball, indiana, indoor, facility 4 years ago
Indoor Practice Facility/Exit 14 off of I 69 by Julie_D 6 years ago