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A quick introduction before I begin.  My name is Keith Madden.  I am a 31 year old real estate attorney living in Mt. Kisco with my wife and daughter.  I run for fun and to try and to pretend to be in shape, not to win medals (though medals are nice).


Though I ran in a few races right after college and during law school, I'm just really getting started on running in races.  I've run in three so far this year.  I'm thinking about signing up for another race or two before the end of the 2011.  Maybe I'll do a regular road race as opposed to a trail race next time.


I ran the Westchester Medical Center Trauma Run on 9/18/2011.  It was a race through trails, mud and obstacles, similar to the Warrior Dash, which I ran on 6/11/2011.  Though there was not as much trail running as for the Warrior Dash, I thought that the trail running was a little more difficult.  The obstacles were interesting and involved doing tasks, as opposed to just passing certain points (example: carry this tire 100 yards, then come back with it, then continue on your race). 

After having done two trail races and one road race this year, I have learned a lesson that most other runners probably already know well: trail running is a lot harder than road running.


It's a shame I can't claim the results from the Warrior Dash on 6/11/11 at the Run for the Hills 5K on 4/4/11.  I run a lot more frequently than my current profile would lead people to believe (though I certainly don't have the speed or endurance to back that claim up).


That's all for this update.  I will write again when I have something important to say, or when I run another race.  If you happen to come across this blog and you're interested in signing up for one, let me know.

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This blog is a general journal of my thoughts on my running and plans for future training. If you are interested in signing up for a race with me, or running with me on weekends, send me an e-mail.

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