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Clydesdale Ken's Tri Blog

September 2008


Another Monday has past and another session of physical therapy has gone by.  But...this time is was different.  I was allowed to run!  I was able to run 1 mile without any pain!! Whoo Hoo!



So I get to try again tomorrow night slowly building back up to 5k.  I'm still waiting for the OK to get back into the pool.



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Another good day

Posted by Kenallwine Sep 22, 2008

Eventhough I haven't been cleared to start back full training yet, I can ride just about as much as I want.  Sunday was a good training ride with a fellow Central PA Tri club member.  We did a 38 mile course with some good rollers and a decent climb.  It started out as a pretty cool morning but warmed up nicely by the time we got back.


I'm hoping for clearance today to get back into the pool so I can resume technique training since this is my weakest event.








Until next time, don't bonk!



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A Better Day!

Posted by Kenallwine Sep 16, 2008


Well, my therapist let me go for a ride Sunday!  It was great to be able to get back on the bike.  A group of us rode from Mechanicsburg high school out through Boiling Springs and did a flat 40 miles at a moderate pace (17-19mph).  I only had an issue with my back the last 6-7 miles starting to get tight.



I still haven't been allowed to run or swim yet so hopefully I will be able to at least ride on a regular basis...



This is really putting a cramp on my training...  



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NOT so good news...

Posted by Kenallwine Sep 12, 2008


The past few days my back has been a little sore. I decided that it would be best to stop by the doctor's office for a look-see.



Well, it turns out that I have a herniated disk between my 3rd and 4th vertibrae which is putting pressure on my femeral nerve. The doctor doesn't think it came from my training but from something years ago and is now catching up with me.



So now I am on Naproxin (anti-inflamitory) and Physical Therapy.



Needless to say, training is on hold for now... Hopefully tonight my therapist will clear me for riding...



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First Post

Posted by Kenallwine Sep 10, 2008

This is the first time I have 'blogged' about anything and the first attempt at a triathlon.


As of today, I have been training for a few weeks and successfully losing weight. Here are my stats




     Starting Weight: 247lbs
     Today's Weight: 231.7lbs
     Height: 6'-2"
      Age: 32


I am planning to enter my first sprint Triathlon in 2009 at the Mt. Grenta Got Nerve event:



Got Nerve Triathlon


Until next time, hope for a tailwind!



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