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Time for an update

Posted by Kenallwine Oct 16, 2008

It's been a while since I'm posted any progress. 


The back has been getting much better through physical therapy.  However, I am now battling shin splints.  Talking with my PT and looking as my shoes, I was running in the abosuletly wrong type of shoes for a 6'2", 228lb overpronator like myself.  They were a pair of Nike Zooms.  These shoes are for high arch people.




After hunting and hunting for shoes, I finally decided on a pair of Brooks "Beast" motion control shoes.  These are super supportive and will keep my ankle from rotating in.  I'm looking forward to breaking these in and getting some good miles on them.












I'll finally be able to get back in the pool this weekend too.




Time to get back to training!



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