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It was a good weekend.

Posted by Kenallwine Feb 10, 2009


Decided to go on a training ride Saturday morning and was able to meet up with a fellow triathlete.  It was a 'brisk' morning at about 37° at 9:00am.  We left from her house about 9:15am and set out for the Mt. Grenta area.  It was pretty cold until we got warmed up and out the race course route.  The course route itself is pretty well layed out except for creek road which had alot of pot holes and was very dirty.  I could see alot of flats happening there on race day!  The two climbs on the course a good climbs.  The first climb being Pinch road is a good grade for about 3/8 of a mile and will get the blood flowing in the legs after the swim portion.



Other than missing one turn on the course, it was a great ride and had a good time once the sun came out to warm things up a bit.  We ended up back at the house around 11:45 and took a few minutes to get the toes warmed up!



It was a great ride with a great ride partner.  Thanks T.M.!



Here were the specifics off my computer:


Average Temp: 37deg.
Average Speed: 13.2mph
Max Speed: 45mph
Total Acent: 1600ft
Ride Time: 2:33:15
Ride Distance: 31.4miles


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