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Observations from the Saddle: 200 Miles Across Alaska by Luke_Active cycling, alaska, fireweed-400, fireweed-200 8 years ago
Re: training run for La Jolla Half - are you joining? by Luke_Active 8 years ago
An ice hockey recruit (during the ice age) by Luke_Active ncaa, recruiting, athlete, college, high-school, ice-hockey, student, recruiting-101 8 years ago
Re: The great Native American mascot debate by Luke_Active 8 years ago
The Newest Reality TV Series by Luke_Active reality_tv, socal, freeways, driving, dancing_with_the_stars, espn, nascar 8 years ago
Sonoran Moose and Other Autumnal Treats by Luke_Active climbing, camping, joshua-tree, gram-parsons 8 years ago
Re: National Parks by Luke_Active 9 years ago
Re: Videotaping Your Opponent: Gamesmanship or Outright Cheating? by Luke_Active 8 years ago
A Heathen Among the Devout by Luke_Active ironman, kona, jack, london 8 years ago
Section1Guy: Game 1--Walpole, Mass. vs Hamilton Westside, Ohio by Luke_Active baseball, 2007-little-league-world-series, walpole, hamilton-westside 8 years ago
The 2007 Tour de France by Luke_Active tour-de-france, martin-dugard, bruce-hildenbrand, jessi-stensland 9 years ago
Good Morning, Mr. Smith. This is Your Wake-up Call. by Luke_Active cycling, bike-commuting 9 years ago
Here we go... by Luke_Active baseball, boston-red-sox, san-diego-padres, major-league-baseball, los-angeles-lakers, anaheim-ducks, anaheim-angels 9 years ago
What was I thinking? by Luke_Active triathlon, dugard, solana, beach, clydesdale, ironman 9 years ago
And they're off! by Luke_Active 9 years ago