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Solvang Shines on Levi Leipheimer

Posted by MariHolden on Feb 21, 2009 10:05:39 AM

Oh the pain of time trials...I guess that even though I'm retired, I still get nervous when I see everyone warming up. It is just such grueling efforts, that I guess it's a learned stress response.


The weather was amazing today, and the crowds were huge. Everyone got to see such a great show. Being a VIP driver, I covered the course three times with different people and it was cool to see how much bigger the crowds grew during the day. By the time I followed Dave Zabriskie, the crowds were really big and making a lot of noise.


The TT is on roads that many of the riders know from years of training in the Solvang area. It is an absolutely beautiful course with gently rolling climbs and fast descents. It is a bit technical, but not overly so.


As I mentioned, the final rider that I followed was Dave Zabriskie. Before we set out on the course, everyone was saying that they thought Dave had a great chance of winning this and that he had been laying low for the past few stages. He did not disappoint. It was fun to watch him ride the race because he just had such a nice rhythm and looked powerful and comfortable. He made the corners and descents look easy and was flying on the course.


Zabriskie's time held until Levi came through a few seconds faster. It looks like Levi has a pretty firm grip on this Tour of California.


After the race, the next race began. That is the race to get to the new hotel. It was a pretty slow start though, because there was a ton of traffic. I decided to stop and visit my parents in Ventura on my way to the next starting point. I'm taking one relaxing night at home so my parents can take care of me. We are on the final push to San Diego and I'm looking forward to getting home!

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