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riding with jewelry

Posted by MariHolden on Apr 4, 2009 12:29:52 PM


Today when I was out riding, I was thinking about how a lot of women wear jewelry while training and it got me to wondering about our choices.



Personally, I always wear jewelry. I love a bit of bling, and since I spend a lot of time on my bike, I want to wear it when I'm riding. It's just another way to express yourself out there.



So, what are there any rules for wearing jewelry on the bike?



I think the first thing to consider is how would your choice affect you if you were to crash. I hate thinking about the negatives first, but we are participating in a sport that does have some issues with crashing. And its important to always be prepared. Most people like to wear their wedding bands, but if the band is made of platinum or titanium, you might want to consider whether it might be too hard to cut off should your finger swell after getting hurt. Other types of material aren't as hard to cut and there might be a better chance that the paramedics would be able to get it off.



As far as necklaces go, I don't think there are really any safety issues, but there issues with your hair getting caught. If you have a frail chain, then you might end up breaking it by accident. No matter how much you think that you are gentle with your jewelry, when you are out riding, we tend to be a bit more aggressive and you could easily pull too hard and break a chain. It would be really sad to have a favorite locket fall off in the middle of a race and you couldn't go back to find it.



I like thick jewelry, but then that's my personality... I normally wear a Tiffany necklace and bracelet. It is thick enough not to break, but still a bit of bling and it makes me happy. Sexy and tough... I don't often wear rings on the bike. I don't like the way my finger sweats too much under the ring and then I end up getting an even bigger white mark on my finger and its bad enough that I wear gloves and get tan lines on my wrists.



I tried wearing an anklet a few years ago, but I couldn't find one that was the right material. The ones I kept buying were some kind of cheap material and after a day of riding my ankle would have a black mark on it. Not the look I was going for, but I did think that it looked cool when the days started out. If I could find a high quality anklet I would do it, and I think it would even look better with a few rhinestones that would sparkle when I was pedaling circlesJ



I used to wear earrings all the time. My favorite are just pearl studs, classy and timeless. Its hard to have longer earrings on cause they get in the way of the helmet and radio headphones. My second choice is a medium size hoop earring, but those are also a bit more complicated, but do look nice.



So, my rules for jewelry are that you need to really consider how it will hold up in a worst case scenario situation. Jewelry quality is also important. You don't want to have a big black mark where your jewelry rubbed against you, combined with sweat and then made you look bad. My last bit of advice is to have fun. You can show your personality on the bike. You can accessorize and make it your own. Let me know if you have any other good tips. I'm always looking for more info.






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