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Week 6

Posted by MegCur Apr 20, 2010

This past week was a great running week!  My long run was 9mi, and I felt great the whole time and ran at a constant pace of about an 8:15 minute mile.  I am starting to get some bad shin splints which is deffinelty having an effect on my running.  The date of the half-marathon is creeping up on me!  Some days i feel very prepared while others I feel like I am back at the beginning.  I still need to continue to adjust my diet and have an adequate intake of calories.  I also need to purchase some gel for my long runs since they are extending to over an hour.  Any suggestions on some good brands?  Work is beginning to pile up too since we are approaching the end of the semester.  I am hoping to stay on track.  My sleep schedule is skewed at the moment and I am working to get it back on track.

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Week 5

Posted by MegCur Apr 11, 2010

This was a busy week! on top of many meetings, studying and homework I ran 19 miles.  My long of 8mi felt long this week! i felt like the roads were endless, which at that time was not the best feeling.  Although, running was a nice outlet for strees, when it wasnt adding to it.  I am playing intramural soccer which is a blast, and is fun/great cross training for me.  It is almost full field, outdoors, and I do not sub-out so i get at least a 40min workout!  The 9mi run this week seems daunting.  I know I can do it, it is just a matter of balancing my metal capacity so I dont break down!  Today (sunday) I went for a wonderful hike, it was relatively small (3mi round trip) but I also went for a 3mi run after and felt great!  Hopefully this week will be less stressful, but it isnt looking like it so far!  I am so surprised at how fast training has gone by, I am almost half way done with my 12 week program!  I am really starting to feel and see a difference which is rewarding!  My knee is beginning to get sore, but I am ordering a new pair of sneakers this week so that should help.  I am also having more issues with my back.  I have a bad lower back from a ski crash and it always bothers me after sitting for awhile, and running isnt helping.  I plan on getting a deep tissue massage soon! ouch!

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Week 4

Posted by MegCur Apr 4, 2010

This week was crazy!  It was downpouring rain for 2 days straight!  I personally, hate treadmills and cannot stand to run on them so i had to endure the weather!  Fortunatly I had some rain gear to protect me from the elements; however, it was still pretty frigid.  I adjusted my schedule and had a fantastic 7mi run on thursday in 70 degree weather! Mother Nature gave us a week full of surprises.  I need to educate myself more on nutrition on long run days.  I dont want to over eat, but this week I felt weak, so I am assuming I underate.  If anyone has any advice on eating fill me in please! Today was easter, so after all that delicious food/candy I went out for an evening 3mi run to end off my week.  Felt pretty good considering all that I ate!  Now that the sun is out I am beginning to wear snadals more, which I forsee causing an issue with shin splints! I am thinking of investing in some sandals that have a good support system, adidas/nike or something along those lines, still want to look good!

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Week 3

Posted by MegCur Mar 31, 2010

I ran a total of 16mi this past week with a long run of 6mi.  I felt fantastic on my long run, and wanted to keep going! the weather was great last week and was ideal for running.  My schedule was defiently hectic and at times stressful, but running was a great help to calm me down.  I am beginning to really feel a difference in my running and endurance.  I am also beinning to run at a more consistant pace.  It is almost time for a new pair of sneakers!  My back is becomming a problem, it is constantly sore which is never fun when lugging a backpack around campus.  My knee is holding up fantastically, knock on wood, dont want to jinx that!

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Week 2

Posted by MegCur Mar 21, 2010

I just finished up week 2! its already going by so fast! my runs are starting to become longer, but still not longer than I usually run.  My "long run" this week was 5mi.  I ran a great route on the back raods of my neighborhood.  I brought along the dog(yellow lab) named Lily, unfortuatly her hips arent great so he was tired by the end, but I felt great!  The beginning of my runs have been slow this week, it takes me about a mile to really get going and weel good, I am thinking I need to create a better warm-up.  I am now back at school, UNH, and hope to find some new routes.  This week I will run a total of 16mi, with a long run of 6mi.  I am currently always taking two rest days and one day of cross-training.  I think that this should help keep my knee feeling good and also help mix up my schedule a little.  Since I am back at school, I am now back at gaining an education...aka...doing lots of homework!  This first week back will be an adjustment for me!

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Week 1

Posted by MegCur Mar 12, 2010

I am just finishing up my first week of training.  Finishing week 1 feels fantastic.  I have always enjoyed running, but have never done too much of it as a sport itself.  All through highschool I was a varsity athlete where running was part of training to get in shape for the season.  Now I am running to compete in running, its a different concept but deffinelty helps my motivation.  2 years ago I suffered extensive knee injuries from a crash in my ski race, currently my knee is holding up well, just a little soreness post-running.  I am hoping to nurse it constantly throughout training and keep the pain minimum.  I have not started running far distances yet.  I am currently running shorter than I normally due but much more often.  I am already noticing a difference in my speed, I am running more consistantly at a faster pace, normally below 8:00 minute mile.  Being at school can be tricky, I have to plan out my day almost hourly to fit everything in, or else I will forget something!  I just arrived home for spring break, and have plenty of time to run, and new routes which is a nice refresher!  I more run this weekend and I have offically completed my first week of training!

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