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Week 4

Posted by MegCur on Apr 4, 2010 4:46:11 PM

This week was crazy!  It was downpouring rain for 2 days straight!  I personally, hate treadmills and cannot stand to run on them so i had to endure the weather!  Fortunatly I had some rain gear to protect me from the elements; however, it was still pretty frigid.  I adjusted my schedule and had a fantastic 7mi run on thursday in 70 degree weather! Mother Nature gave us a week full of surprises.  I need to educate myself more on nutrition on long run days.  I dont want to over eat, but this week I felt weak, so I am assuming I underate.  If anyone has any advice on eating fill me in please! Today was easter, so after all that delicious food/candy I went out for an evening 3mi run to end off my week.  Felt pretty good considering all that I ate!  Now that the sun is out I am beginning to wear snadals more, which I forsee causing an issue with shin splints! I am thinking of investing in some sandals that have a good support system, adidas/nike or something along those lines, still want to look good!

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