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Week 5

Posted by MegCur on Apr 11, 2010 8:20:43 PM

This was a busy week! on top of many meetings, studying and homework I ran 19 miles.  My long of 8mi felt long this week! i felt like the roads were endless, which at that time was not the best feeling.  Although, running was a nice outlet for strees, when it wasnt adding to it.  I am playing intramural soccer which is a blast, and is fun/great cross training for me.  It is almost full field, outdoors, and I do not sub-out so i get at least a 40min workout!  The 9mi run this week seems daunting.  I know I can do it, it is just a matter of balancing my metal capacity so I dont break down!  Today (sunday) I went for a wonderful hike, it was relatively small (3mi round trip) but I also went for a 3mi run after and felt great!  Hopefully this week will be less stressful, but it isnt looking like it so far!  I am so surprised at how fast training has gone by, I am almost half way done with my 12 week program!  I am really starting to feel and see a difference which is rewarding!  My knee is beginning to get sore, but I am ordering a new pair of sneakers this week so that should help.  I am also having more issues with my back.  I have a bad lower back from a ski crash and it always bothers me after sitting for awhile, and running isnt helping.  I plan on getting a deep tissue massage soon! ouch!

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