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Week 6

Posted by MegCur on Apr 20, 2010 11:43:52 AM

This past week was a great running week!  My long run was 9mi, and I felt great the whole time and ran at a constant pace of about an 8:15 minute mile.  I am starting to get some bad shin splints which is deffinelty having an effect on my running.  The date of the half-marathon is creeping up on me!  Some days i feel very prepared while others I feel like I am back at the beginning.  I still need to continue to adjust my diet and have an adequate intake of calories.  I also need to purchase some gel for my long runs since they are extending to over an hour.  Any suggestions on some good brands?  Work is beginning to pile up too since we are approaching the end of the semester.  I am hoping to stay on track.  My sleep schedule is skewed at the moment and I am working to get it back on track.

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