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Posted by MeganKJ on Aug 24, 2011 9:40:07 AM

Hi, I'm Meg, and I'm probably the least athletic person you'll ever meet. Maybe not, but I'm definitely up there with all the other "I could never do that in my life!" sorts of people in the world. The thing is, I'm starting to wonder why I always thought that, and what I missed out on all those years I kept thinking that way.


I had asthma as a kid. When I was in middle and high school, I hated the mile run so much that I pretty much decided that I couldn't do it, and was able to convince my pediatrician to write a note so I wouldn't have to attempt. While I've never been totally obese, I've always weighed more than I should. I've also always been a busy person- working multiple jobs from the second a legally could, working on countless theatre and music projects, and after college working in the arts, where days could be 16 hours long and shifts could be anything from early mornings, late nights, to entire weekends. Until this summer when I changed industries, I was never able to settle into a routine.


Yes, all of those things are pretty much excuses- certainly reasons why getting my *** in gear was harder than it would have been otherwise, but not why it was impossible. I just didn't make it a priority. But just as there were many factors against me in past years, things are coming together now to make it easier: I finally have a dayjob, which means I can actually have a normal sleep schedule and a routine to fit excercise into. I'm living only 5 miles from work, near tons of bike lanes and paths, so bike commuting (as well as weekend rides) are finally a possiblity. I'm living in a building with a pretty decent gym, with big windows overlooking downtown DC- I actually look forward to going up there. Finally, and perhaps the biggest help of all, is that I have an incredibly supportive boyfriend- one who is in very good shape but has had to work to get there, and has had ups and downs getting to that point- so he's the right combination of knowledge/experience, as well as nonjudgemental understanding.

So basically I've gotten here after a year of admiring my boyfriend's hard work, as well as his friends', and wanting that sort of level of accomplishment for myself. I've made a lot of leaps that I didn't think I could make- finally getting away from a job (and honestly, a whole field) that wasn't right for me topping that list. I've started to realize that I can't do anything unless I take that first scary step, having faith that there will be someplace to land.


That said, I've started. The first step is committing to C25K, which I think is completely do-able. Regardless of where this takes me, I can commit to three days of run/walk training a week for six weeks. I'm going to trust that the program will get me through, and that by the end I'll be able to run three miles without stopping. After that I'll do the bridge to 10k, and if all goes well, start working toward a half-marathon. I'd love to do the one in Disney in October, to correspond with their wine festival! Along with that, I just got a bike for my birthday, so I'd like to start bike commuting a few times a week. I found a yoga studio near my apartment (and it's sister location a half-mile from work), so I'll start dropping in there as well, as I don't think Wii Fit yoga is enough for me. The main goal, including C25K, is to do something active 6 days a week- whether it's training runs, yoga, light weight training in the gym, or a weekend bike ride.


Yesterday was my first hiccup. I was scheduled to do W1D3 of C25K after work, but my commute home was impacted by the earthquake that hit the mid-Atlantic. After waiting almost 40 mins for a metro train, only to find that no one from my station could even fit when it arrived full (and the next train, which would be just as full, not scheduled to arrive for another 30 mins), I decided to walk home. I considered doing my 30 mins of run-walk workout as part of that, but decided that dress flats (and no sports bra) probably weren't the best attire. But I'm proud. After 5 miles of fast walking, I drank a bottle of water and headed upstairs to the treadmill to do another 2 more. Still on track.

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Never been athletic in the slightest, but now I'm going to try. Started C25K in August 2011, hoping to run a half-marathon in October 2012! Follow my journey (so I can hold myself accountable).

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