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Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Posted by Melfoid on Aug 30, 2011 3:29:58 PM

Also referred to as yeast infection, candidiasis or thrush encompasses infections ranging from superficial to systemic diseases. Oral thrush and vaginal inflammation are two very common examples of superficial candidiasis and can be treated with yeast infection home remedy. Systemic diseases, however, have the potential of being life-threatening if not treated on earlier stages. Candida albicans, commonly referred to as the yeast because of its yeast-like appearance, cause local inflammation and discomfort due to superficial infections on the skin and other mucosal membranes. This infection is very common in the human population so that yeast infection home remedy is developed for convenient treatment of the yeast infection.

Knowing the symptoms before trying out yeast infection home remedy

Since home remedies may not have professional advice from a doctor, it is important first to understand the symptoms related to the most common yeast infection. For most women, yeast infection would mean itching and burning in the ******. Starting as a mild irritating sensation, the pain increases gradually through spreading of infection. Most commonly, this irritation is aggravated by nylon or silk underwear so as much as possible, these synthetic fabrics must be avoided if one is experiencing the symptoms.

Itching and burning around the ****** is also a sign of yeast infection. Vulva, the skin surrounding the ******, may swell and become very sensitive and tender. One should understand that swelling and inflammation is the body’s way of reacting to the infection that is why symptoms are commonly related to these observations. Temporary relief using topical applications will offer an immediate elimination of the discomfort. However, in order to permanently remove the infection, the root cause of the problem must be treated with yeast infection home remedy.

During sexual intercourse, pain is also experienced when the infection is present. The penetration during sex further irritates the vaginal tissues already inflamed. This pain causes much discomfort and could disrupt the sexual activity. Even if the woman is performing the activity, her ****** would have white and thick discharges. In contrast to infection-free discharges, the woman with yeast infection discharges an odorless fluid but may have a very slight yeasty smell in some extent. This symptom, however, should be observed carefully since vaginal discharge depend upon several factors like the age of the woman, her eating habits, and daily hygiene routines.

The effective yeast infection home remedy


The first step and most commonly practiced way of treating the infection is by using yogurt. It is becoming so common that its effectiveness is even recognized by some medical professionals and would also recommend it. Treatment using yogurt can be through direct ingestion of the healthy dessert or by directly applying it topically to the infected area.

Yogurt treats the problem because it contains lactobacillus acidophilus, known as the friendly bacteria found in the human body. Imbalance of the microorganisms inside the body is very conducive for the rapid growth of candida, a yeast fungus. Replenishing the body with acidophilus would counteract the imbalance providing treatment at the root level of the problem.

A cup of yogurt every morning is recommended for one week until the yeasty problem disappears. For a more rapid treatment, yogurt may also be taken every after dinner. In choosing the brand of yogurt in the market, it should have on its labels the lactobacillus acidophilus keyword. This healthy snack can now be enjoyed in different varieties and flavors.

For topical applications, plain yogurt must be used. Yogurt is said to be plain if it has no additional flavor and extra sugar. If possible, fresh yogurt found in special sections of the market is more recommended. A few tablespoons of plain yogurt may then be applied to the inflamed vulva. For convenience in applying the treatment, a needle-less medical syringe may be used to apply yogurt. A tampon applicator can also serve the same purpose.


Another yeast infection home remedy found in every kitchen is garlic. This spice is known to have antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. Clinical trials performed by medical experts reveal that garlic offers significant response against common fungi including candida albicans.

Similar to yogurt, garlic can treat the yeast infection in two ways: by consciously including it in the diet and by directly applying it on the infected area. A clove of garlic eaten twice a day is recommended. However, munching raw and fresh garlic is unpleasant for some people. A very effective alternative is to buy garlic capsules. These are available in health food stores and even in some supermarkets.

Applying garlic on the vulva means finding a way to keep a clove of garlic in contact with the infected area. Wrapping a clove with gauze then tied will keep it in place. It should then be lubricated and inserted in the ****** so that it comes in contact with the inflamed skin. This setup must be left overnight. Garlic capsules may also be used instead of fresh garlic. One should make sure that the tip of the capsule is cut off so that garlic oil drops is applied evenly on the inflamed part.

Tea tree oil

Another effective yeast infection home remedy is tea tree oil. This can be bought from natural food stores or through the Internet. One should take note though that tea tree oil must first be diluted before application and that this oil is a strong antiseptic. A lukewarm bath may be mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. If discomfort still arises, the area applied with the oil must be rinsed thoroughly and treatment should be discontinued. Since this is a sensitive treatment, medical professionals may be consulted first before choosing this kind of treatment.

Benefits of yeast infection home remedy

From the above home treatments discussed, yeast infection home remedy is generally mild and pleasant to use except for tea tree oil. All these remedies do not have side effects which made them very suitable for people undergoing a different medication. Finally, they cost way lesser than over-the-counter or prescribed medications and drugs and puts the infected person in control of her own health.

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Also referred to as yeast infection, candidiasis or thrush encompasses infections ranging from superficial to systemic diseases

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