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First Full IronMan - Done...

Posted by Mijohe Apr 17, 2008

It is DONE - My first full IRONMAN - 2008 Ford IronMan Arizona - all those months (6) of training finally paid off.


It was a blast - from the IM Village, to the support, to everyone there, etc etc.. What a great experience.



It was a lot easier than I had anticipated (Good training is the key - heck, the training was harder than the event.)



Other than the extreme wind and heat conditions, everything else was perfect.



Out of the 2000+ that started, about 1600 finished (Wind and Heat issues).



My Time was 14 Hours, 57 Mins, 11 Sec. No big record, but a Personal Best for me. I finished Strong and felt great. The Beer and Pizza after help in that area.. Never thought a Guinness could taste soooooo gooood.



Looking forward to my next Full IRONMAN.... Wooo Hooo



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First Full IRONMAN 48 hours away

Posted by Mijohe Apr 11, 2008




48 hours till my very first Full IRONMAN - wooo hoooooo.:^0



All those long hours of Running, Biking, Swimming, prepping, etc.. And no sleeping finally coming to a finish.



Looking forward to jumping into the water and getting this event going...



The IM Village is soooo cool - bustling with people from all over the place - many languages being spoken...



Tonight is the Athlete dinner and meetings - tomorrow is checking in the bikes and special needs bags...



Then Sunday at 7:00AM the cannon goes off.... Can't wait...



(I just have to remember to breath during the swim).









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First 2.4Miles Swim

Posted by Mijohe Feb 12, 2008


So, did my first 2.4Mile Swim, and it felt great.



It took me 1 hour and 50 Minutes in the indoor pool. I will take it. At least I know that I can get the distance done in under the IronMan 2 Hours and 20 Min mark.



Mentally, this is a big boost for me in my training.





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Train, Train, and Train again

Posted by Mijohe Feb 7, 2008
Have not posted in a bit - lots of training - IronMan is only 9-ish weeks away - 3:45AM and I are really good friends.... My first 2 full mile swim will be tomorrow.... will see how long it takes and if all the training has paid off... then a 5 hour ride on Saturday.. and a 15 mile run on Sunday.... woo hoo!

Looking at the IM swim course - looks looooooogggggggggggg.........






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My First 70.3

Posted by Mijohe Oct 29, 2007

My First 70.3


Wow, what can I say, it was a blast. This was my first ½ IronMan ... Did the SOMA ½ Ironman Distance race this Sunday - over 1900 athletes participated. It was soooo much fun.






My Swim was good for me, since I don't swim, see other blog entries - time was 57 mins for 1.2 miles.



My Bike ride was lots-o-fun and at 3 Hours and 1 min. Right on what I thought I would do for 56 miles.



And then the Run, well - the first 6.2 miles were good and then the last 7 sucked - we had record temps of 97 degrees of heat, no wind and no clouds - ugh... took me 2 hours and 47 mins to complete.



Here is a clip from Triathlete Magazine on the Race...



"*Oct. 28, 2007 *-- For the over 1,900 athletes taking part in the Half Ironman-distance and shorter Quarterman distance events, the 2007 SOMA Triathlon was again a war with nature. And with the mecrury topping out at 96 degrees Fahrenheit, nature was doing her best to prevent PRs at a venue that shares the swim and parts of the bike and run with the Ironman Arizona held here in the spring.+ +"I was constantly pouring cups of ice over my head at every aid station, " said top pro finisher Donna Phelan. "It was a good thing they were out there, because there could have been some ugly meltdowns"



But, I did it, and ready for the next one.. total time was 6 : 51 : 59.



This is one step closer to the full IronMan on April 13th 2008... wooo hooo.



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2K Meter Swim... Woo Hoo.

Posted by Mijohe Oct 8, 2007

Did my 2k Meter swim today in 43mins - without a wetsuit.  Now for some of you that is not a big deal, but for me - it is, considering it used to take me 1 hour to just do 1000 meters. 


With a wet suit I should be able to reduce the time down a little bit more... I have a ½ Ironman event (SOMA) on October 28th



If you've seen my other blog post prior to this one, you will understand my excitement... 



That's the half way mark to the full IronMan distance, which I will partake in April of "08". If I can get 2.4 miles in under 2 hours, I will be stoked, or have a stroke - whichever comes first.





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The Swim


One would think that by the time you are 48 yrs of age, you can swim a full lap in a pool, one would think.  Not only could I not swim one full lap, I could not even do ½ a lap (25 Meters). So, since I have committed to do Triathlons,  and the Swim is one part of this Tri, I need to get some lessons.



The Bike part is done, the running is fine - but ugh on the Water. At least  with Bike and Run you can stop/coast/rest and not worry about drowning.



I take lessons; I get the Total Immersion book - read practice, practice and Practice. After 2.5 months I still sink like a rock. My coach told me to put on those water floaters, put on the flippers and don't get out of the kiddies side of the pool.



If I didn't have to worry about taking a breath and sighting, I could swim much better - but, that breathing part seems to be very critical aspect.



Everyone kept saying, don't give up, you will get it - one day it will Click and all fall into place.  And it did - about 4 months into the training, I was swimming one night and it did click - it just felt right and has since.  Now I can swim (slowly) 2000 meters with no issues, and finish strong.  What a great feeling.



I still don't sight well in open water swims, I zig-zag a bit, adding more yardage than needed, but I still have fun.





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2nd Olympic Tri - Woo Hoo

Posted by Mijohe Sep 24, 2007


So, Sunday was my 2nd ever Olympic Triathlon - the Timex (Nathan) Tri. One could really say this is my First one, but it really is my Second. You see, the first one I did was called Deuces Wild Tri, up in Show Low Arizona and I was just getting over Pneumonia, I finished, but I was really slowwwwwww - so I don't like to count that one, but I guess I will



Anyway's, the Swim as of Saturday morning was NOT WET SUIT legal, water was around 82 - ish... But during Saturday afternoon and evening, a nice cool storm came through and was gone by Sunday 5 am and cooled everything down to make it Wet Suit legal, woo hoo.



I felt great -- swam well (which I normally don't, and thus the excitement on WET SUIT LEGAL) - the bike ran well, and the run was perfect.



Had a great time. My final time was 2:57:40 - Good for number two (Since the Pneumonia one was over 4 hours to finish...ugh).



Now, the SOMA 1/2 IronMan in October..








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So, we had this big group ride last Saturday, for those that wanted to ride the TIMEX TRI course before the event this Sunday - and everything was going great - well at one intersection near a construction zone, a water truck watered a good 1/2 mile of road and the water filtered down to this intersection.



Water and those white lines for crosswalks don't mix well - in fact, those white lines get real slippery when our thin tires hit them at a normal turning angle..



We had 5 riders go down - major road rashes and bruised hips, shoulders, and one cracked helmet. After the 2nd rider slid out I stopped and walked back a good 30 feet from the wet corner and was warning all the on coming riders to slow down and don't break in the turn. You would think with the warning and enough distance people would listen.... DOH.



All the newbie riders listened - the next 3 were experienced riders that did not listen and all suffered the EGO road rash...



No fun..








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The BIKE - Part 2 - Road to IM

Posted by Mijohe Sep 14, 2007
...Continue from previous blog - So, the mental commitment, not mentally committed, though doing Tri's' could be considered mental... has been made...





Running is not a problem, been doing it for some time, long distance is a walk in the park for me - One part of the 3 Done, checked off. So Far so good.




The ride - first I needed a bike, and then I needed to learn how to ride a road/Tri bike, and how to wear the fancy clothes, etc. I Talked to a lot of bikers, besides each person favoring the brand of bike they ride, almost religious at times - (I found that SPECIALIZED owners are really PSYCHO , I mean passionate about their brand ), they all say SPEND THE MONEY and get a good bike right up front, otherwise if you continue to do Tri's you will end up buying another bike within a year.



So, checking around, looking for end of year sales etc, found a nice brand new Kestrel Talon on sale at Performance Bikes. Now, I did not know that even if you spend lots of money on a bike, you still have to buy petals. One would think you should get petals - but as I learned, everything is separate - I did negotiated and got Air in my tires for free... business degree helped here....



The shoes are funny, almost like ICE skates and the clip in petals - woo. A few bruised hips, knees, shoulders, I finally figured out how to CLIP-OUT before stopping.



You also get to learn a new language when getting a bike, I think Italian - words like Dura-Ace, Shimano, Campy, Ultegra, Cadence, Campagnolo ( I think that was the desert). And, the more syllables the word had, the bigger the price tag..



The clothes you need to wear, never really understood the whole skin tight, ballerina looking, bright colored garments - Now I know why - besides the wind drag factors of your basic cycle gear - Cars would rather hit you than move over a foot - if it wasn't for the bright colors, I would be someone's hood ornament. Also, there are some really cool jerseys out in the market, I currently own about 20 jerseys.. I am now in a 12 step program on how not to buy lots of Jerseys...



Needed to find a bike group to learn the basics of group/team/how the bike works training/Riding. Now, not saying that all bikers and bike shops have EGOS - but all the local bike shops at the time I checked into, had ATTITUDE- if you did not have the right colors, or top of the line brands or road at 25-30 mph, they did not want you in the group - and this was what they all called the beginner level.



So, being a mere mortal on a bike, I checked into the Leukemia Societys' Team-N-Training program, and they accepted us normal humans as long as you raised money for the cause, which is a great cause. Learned from good coaches, had fun, lots of great riding experiences and got my Century rides to under 6 hours.. I ended up doing a Triple Crown with them, that is Doing a Marathon, Century Ride and a Triathlon and raising funds for all three... was a blast.



Okay, two parts of the 3 Checked off....



....Road to IronMan ... To be continued...





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The Beginning - Road to IM

Posted by Mijohe Sep 10, 2007

How it all started - 2 years ago, a friend of mine, let's call him Jim, well because that is his name and the odds of him reading this blog are pretty slim, which is the opposite of his physical characteristics.


So, Jim tells me that he is going to do a Triathlon - "Really" I said with the utmost positive look that I could make. Jim does not look like he could even walk up a flight of stairs without losing a lung - similar to my attempts to swim and breathe at the same time, but that is another story.


I mean, never seeing a live Tri event, and the mental picture I see of Triathlete's, lean, mean, solid, ripped, tough etc - Jim is not one of those. At this stage in my live, I was only doing Marathons, and that was a lot of work and I was in relatively good shape.



Jim ask if I wanted to come watch this event, I agreed. Why not, I‘ve always wanted to do a Triathlon, so why not go check it out.



I was amazed at the different level of people at this Triathlon event. There were the very fit, what I had thought the way a Triathlete should look and everything in-between. Also, the ages of the Triathlete's, everything from kids to teens, to all levels of Adult ages. And body shapes, oh-my, it was an eye opener.



Jim finished his Olympic Tri in what he said was a PR, (I did not know what that term meant) - but he was happy.



After this eye opening experience, I knew this is what I wanted to do next. Now I needed to get a bike and learn how to ride, and the most important, learn how to Swim... did I mention that I can't Swim...ugh.?:|





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Ouch -

Posted by Mijohe Sep 9, 2007





So, I 'am your basic working Dad, over 40, not too far behind the big 50, but not there yet.  Have done many Marathons, and Century rides (well not many of those)  but keeping active and fit..... But this Triathlon stuff hurts.... Okay, so I will admit that I can wimp out after a mile swim and 25 mile ride and then run, thought I was a good runner until that part...





Never swam a lap until this year, "07" - I mean, I can jump in a pool and be fine, Water Ski, with vest and be fine, and even Scuba Dive and be fine - but swimming back and forth and trying to breath at the same time, come on ..... ugh..



Anyone else out there in their 40's that can comment....



To be continued...






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Test Page

Posted by Mijohe Sep 9, 2007

This is just a test page to get things going.....

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