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Race Report - Knights of Columbus Run for the Heart 10K, Newport News Park, Newport News VA


I found out about this race from the runner I sold my Swamp Stomp bib to. I had a planned 6 or 7 mile run for this weekend so it kind of fit right into my training plan.



The weather forecast for today was sunny with a high of 71.



The race was in Newport News, which is about an hour drive from my domicile in Virginia Beach. Start time was 0830 so my plan was to hit the road at around 7. I woke up at 6 and took care of the 3 S's followed by a breakfast of fig newtons washed down by some low cal Monster. I know, not the ideal breakfast but I neglected to ensure the spousal unit was aware we were out of bread and bagels. Following breakfast, I stretched then was out the door at about 0715.



The directions on the registration flyer were spot on and I rolled into the park at around 8, registered, attached my bib and was ready to go. This was going to be another trail race. I am really beginning to like these things. There were maybe 100 runners when the horn sounded.



Being slow has advantages as I started in the rear of the pack and followed the runners in front of me. The course was 90% off road with some wood bridges along the course. The route was shaded mostly with some spots of direct sunlight. There were about 4 or 5 decent hills that gave me some were actually fun getting up. Negotiating runner traffic was bothersome initially once we hit the trails as people still insisted on running side by side but overall not bad after the first mile.



I started this race trying to keep the pace slow, why is that so hard? Glimpses at my HRM told me that wasn't in the cards today. My AHR was 162 with a max of 175. My pace only varied 27 seconds from my fastest split to my slowest, so all in all I guess it wasn't too bad. My average pace was 45 seconds faster than what I had planned on running. I still had more than enough left in the tank to have a good kick the last 3/10 of a mile. My finish time was good enough to place me last in my AG, 20/20 baby! It wasn't a DLF so all is well.



The calf is sore from the workout, but I won't run again until Tuesday so it will be fine with continued use of the stick and ice. Tomorrow will be rest/lawn mowing followed by XT on Monday. I am still not 100% confident that my calf is ready to go all out yet. It is coming along nicely and should be near 100% at MCHH. Time wise it would be nice to be back to where I was, but I have got a ways to go there.



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