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RR  Lions Journey for Sight 5K & 1 Mile

Posted by MikeDaMarine08 on May 9, 2009 7:09:31 PM

The race was held at Fort Story in Virginia Beach, VA. Another great race for a great cause.


We started the week thinking Sophia (10) & Lindsay (8) would be running the 1 mile. After last week's tumble, Lindsay had been really looking forward to redemption this weekend. Irene and I were signed up to run the 5K. Unfortunately Sophia came down with strep and could not run today.



The skies opened up last night and I went back to sleep wondering how sloppy it was going to be. Weather today was 69 degrees and mostly cloudy. I wasn't overly concerned about the humidity but I was aware of it. It felt like a great day to run. We all woke up on time and had a decent pre race breakfast. I got some great stretching in after breakfast. We were out the door and on our way a little after 7.



5K Race time was 0830 and it took us about half an hour to get to Fort Story. I kept Lindsay entertained and Irene embarrassed by driving through every deep puddle on the way there. We arrived on Fort Story at 0740 parked and picked up our registration packets. We dropped our gear back off at the truck and walked back to the starting area to stretch and make sure Lindsay would be OK, as her start time was at 0915, while Irene and I did the 5K. On our way back from the truck, we met up with Rob (whom I met at the 5K last week) and assumed or respective starting positions. There was a field of roughly 100 runners.



The horn sounded and we were off! We went into today with no goal other than to improve on last week's performance. I could see Irene was going to have problems with her wardrobe as she was wearing a full zip sweatshirt that was half zipped and caused her to keep adjusting it. About mile 1 she started to cramp. My guess was this was due to her mechanics possibly being affected by the sweatshirt, from it being heavy on her shoulders to her restricted arm swing. We eventually ditched the sweatshirt around the halfway point and her running became less labored.



There are some decent hills (for this part of VA anyway) and Irene got to learn a little hill strategy and how to run them easier. We came up to the water stop shortly after mile 2 and stopped to walk and drink our water. I think mentally hitting those water stops really gives Irene a boost and gets her through the final mile. Mile 2 was our fastest mile and we rolled into the final mile. We hit a good hill going into mile 3 that took the starch out of Irene's sails. We started our final kick to the finish and I went a little ahead of Irene to pull her along. WTF? The next thing I know Irene kicks right by me! Sh!t I had to get the bus in gear to catch her. We both hit the finish in full stride (she beat me again) and almost 30 seconds faster than last week. SWEET. We finish completing our time cards, get some water and I head over to the 1 mile start area for Lindsay.







Lindsay is ready to go with the exception of the thick sweatpants that she doesn't want to take off. Oh well she will learn on her own. Lindsay attempts to get to the front, forgetting what happened last week in the excitement of the moment. She moves toward the back and get ready to go. Nice and slow Lindsay, nice and slow. The horn sounds Lindsay takes off at a blistering pace. I reel her back in and we slow it down. The course was made up of 1 smaller loop followed by a larger loop. On the first turn the headwind hits us. I put my fat a$$ to use and have Lindsay run behind me. As we enter the large loop and make another turn into the headwind again, Lindsay says, "Can we start walking now Daddy?" I had to laugh, "No honey" on we went. We made the final turn and I thought we had a shot at a sub 9 mile but the headwind wasn't helping us a bit. We crossed the line in 9:15, not a bad time for her first race.



The Lions club provided Burgers, Chips and soda post race. The SWAG included a decent pair of running glasses (Lindsay is wearing them in the pic). We hung around for the awards and at the very end were pleasantly surprised to see that Lindsay took first for the 1-14 girls AG for the mile! Irene placed 6th in the 1-14 AG and I had a DLF for my AG.



All in all a great day! We felt bad for Sophia as she would have brought home hardware if she had been able to run today.



As for my calf, a little sore but it is a good sore.



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