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The race was another put together by the Tidewater Striders and held in the neighborhood surrounding Independence Middle School. Shortly after midnight last night we had some pretty good thunderstorms here. I went back to sleep wondering if the race would go. I awoke at 0630 to sunny clear skies.



Sophia (10) and Lindsay (8) were already awake, dressed and ready to go. At 0700 Irene (13) joined the morning pre-race rituals. I have been getting the girls in the habit of laying everything out the night before to prevent a race day SNAFU prior to getting out the door. We all made heads calls and were out the door around 0800. It was a smooth 10 -15 minute drive to the middle school and we got there 45 minutes before start time. We got our bibs and began some light stretching.



For Irene and me, the 5K started at 0900. Sophia and Lindsay hung out with the other New Energy runners as the mile didn't start until 1000. We ran into my friend Rob and his family in the process and we eased the pre race jitters with some great conversation. We made our way to the start and awaited pre race instructions. Irene and I "lined up" in the back of the pack and got off to a smooth start and settled in at a 10:06 1st mile. I had a sub 30 in my head for a good goal so we were sitting good.



I had decided a while back that I would continue to run with Irene at her pace until she becomes more confident as a runner. I can see she is gradually getting more and more comfortable each race she runs. We hit the water stop shortly before the turn around, made the turn and finished mile 2 @ 10:26. Not too bad considering we had the turn around and the water stop (which we walked through) to slow us down.



We began our kick at 2.8 miles and hit mile 3 @ 10:07 and we continued to push it through to the finish. We crossed the "tape" at 31:03, a PR for Irene! He times have been dropping each and every race and today was a surprise as she really wasn't feeling 100%. My calf once again felt tight and a little sore, but bearable. I found a curb and stretched it some which helped greatly. OK, 20 minutes until Sophie and Lindsay's race, where is the freakin water?



We got the milers stretched out and the head coach took them out on a short warm up run. I told promised Sophie that I would run her mile with her today and that Lindsay would be on her own. I figured I should be able to see Lindsay and give her a verbal push if she needed it.



The horn sounded and we were off. Sophie took off like a bat out of he!!, I had to catch up to her to slow her back down. Lindsay was right where she needed to be. Lindsay looked really comfortable from the start, "what got into her today?" I wondered. All three of us started to pick it up at 7/10 and kept on pushing. Lindsay passed Sophia right at the finish for 8:11 and 8:13 finishes. A mile PR for both Sophia and Lindsay!



We hung around after for the awards. I like to hang around after for the local races as it allows us to enjoy additional camaraderie without pre-race distractions. Irene ended up getting a nice medal for her AG 2nd place finish in the 5K. All in all a great day that was topped off by a visit to A&W for chili dogs and root beer floats.



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