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Posted by Moonbabi on Jul 16, 2010 12:49:17 AM




      I have been going to the gym,doing some weights, stretching and doing cardio 5 days a week. everytime I had tried to go from power walking to jogging my shins was real achey and I feared shin splits so I stopped when I felt the achiness and just walked, I have been doing just a little exercise for my shins.

(I haven't been able to bring myself to jog/run for a week or 2 now)


Tonight I had a breakthru!! I slowed it all down!!!


I had Worked with multiple weights for 30 min or so, arms, legs,back etc,  used a huge ball where I did crunches for my abs. even did the rowing machine and a few extra machines i never done yet and even a 10 lb weight ball over my head and back and did circles with it for a few minutes.

then I went upstairs of the gym and got on the treadmill, I intended to do just 15 mins as I was kinda tired from working a extra 8 hr shift.


Warmup 5 mins @ 3.0 , walked another 5 mins @ 3.0 ,(this is where I got nervous) jogged 45 secs @ 4.0 , (yay! not so bad, I can keep going) walked 5 mins @ 3.0 jogged 45 secs @ 4.0,(feeling a lil achey pull on my shins) walked 5 mins @ 3.0 jogged 1 min @ 4.0, (just pushing thru it) walked 5 mins jogged 11/2 mins, 5 minute cool down for total of about 40 minutes

YAY!  I accomplished a freaking goal!! Then I got on the Elliptical and did 15 minutes!! I was on a roll...then went back downstairs and did a few more weights cause I felt I didn't do enough.

I am still very very excited to be going into the Army... it still doesn't seem real to me at times. I find myself on the Army websites all the time. I was looking at the Asvab sample tests.....well um.. on the trial test I aced the comprehension part missing only one.. but the math thats a whole nother subject........

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Couch to 5k. this is a personal blog on my acheivements/set backs and over all attitude. i have a mission to join the Army at age 40 and have to lose 50 more pounds (ive lost 54 and 41 inches already this year!) and be fit enough to endure basic training.

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