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Focusing on weight loss

Posted by Moonbabi on Aug 10, 2010 3:24:01 PM

Hello, back from my fabulous Myrtle beach/Bahama Cruise vacation!

I exercised a lil bit on the cruise ship but not the way I should have. and I ate.....lots lol.

When I returned Saturday I started my 3rd round of hCG to lose more weight as I promised myself 


I have shed 57 pounds and 41 inches using this method twice already and it is time for another round. No exercise is recommended during my 6 week round.. so I will only walk 5 days a week until I go on maintenance again then pick up again. I think this round and one more round of hCG will get me to my weight goal.. I can exercise and tone up between rounds.. then I will get a trainer and hit it harder than I ever have...

I know most of you probably have never heard of hCG protocol before so If your interested my website is and I also have a facebook group mylegacyhcg, Please feel free to drop in and say hello.

I will post an update as to how i am doing in a week or so...

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Couch to 5k. this is a personal blog on my acheivements/set backs and over all attitude. i have a mission to join the Army at age 40 and have to lose 50 more pounds (ive lost 54 and 41 inches already this year!) and be fit enough to endure basic training.

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