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Rudy Project WingSpan

Posted by Moriates Sep 15, 2010

I had the chance to ride the Rudy Project Wingspan TT-Helmet this past weekend.  I will have to say, I love this helmet.  I use to race with the Gyro Advantage 2 just because.  I put on the WingSpan had have to say:


Its comfortable.

It light.

It breaths and has inserts for various weather conditions and race distances.

The buckle is solid and padded.

You feel awesome with it on!


I also ride the sterling road helmet.  I love them! Enjoy the discount below.

Get 40% off -  Go to:

·          Add items to cart / Checkout

·          Enter your VIP in the “Promotion / VIP code” field: xtremems

·          Press “RECALCULATE”

·          Watch your price drop!

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Thats The Way It Should Be!

Posted by Moriates Sep 13, 2010

I was fortunate enough to coach a celebrity chef (Chef Brett Aka: Brett A. Reichler) this year to his first sprint finish in June and we just competed last week together in a sprint.

During the sprint, I was on my way back during the run when he was starting.  I heard singing and chanting among labored breathing and foot steps.  I look up and I hear yelling at the top of his lungs “Go Coach Greg. Push it you pu#&$&.”  I was rolling.  Then as he passed all you hear is singing.


Sometimes we need to step back from the competition and realize that we should be celebrating that we are able to race just like Chef Brett!


To give you some background on Chef Brett, when I first met him at the beginning of the year he was over 300 lbs.  We started to train together for a sprint tri in June.  He showed up at the race ready and he finished.  He then signed up for the sprint we did last week.  Chef Brett is now down to just over 200lbs and still loosing the weight.

He is doing an olympic next weekend and the NYC Marathon this October.


He approached me in July and asked me if he could do an Ironman.  I said, with what you have been through and your drive, WHY NOT!  He is now signed up for Ironman Lake Placid with a goal of finishing and wants to weighing in at less that 190 at the start line.


This man is a true inspiration to the sport and I am very proud of him and love when he call or emails me and asks for a team jersey a size smaller.

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Importance of Looking Back

Posted by Moriates Sep 3, 2010

We are always told the past is the past, don’t look back, move forward, etc, etc, etc.  However, in the endurance sports world, you can not be more wrong.

Sure, you will have a bad race, and you do need to move on from it but you also need to learn from it.  As the 2010 race season is nearing and end, it is time to reflect on the 2010 race season and we need to look at the following:

1. Races that did not go as good as expected:


  • Were you tired, sore, out of energy?
  • Was you hydrated, what did you eat, how much did you sleep?
  • Did you try something different?
  • Was the course hilly, flat, rollers?
  • Were your legs screaming to make you stop?
  • Was your form off?
  • Did you feel like you could not get a hold of the water during the catch?
  • Was your breathing labored?
  • Did you feel like you did not push hard enough?
  • Etc?

2. Races that went as planned:

  • How did you feel?
  • What did you eat?
  • How did you train?
  • What was different?
  • What was the same?

You need to look at the season as a whole and determine you limiters.

Then use the transition and prep Phase of training in 2011 to take those limiters and improve them.

The world is yours, take it and love it.

Coach Greg


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