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Battling My Demons

Posted by NPolak on Nov 18, 2008 8:11:21 AM

I have my work cut out for me if I want to achieve fitness and well being.  I have moments of weakness (who doesn't?) and the following are my tendencies I am going to try hard to weed out:


1. Not drinking enough water.  As I speak, I am chugging water as much as I can stand.  I am more mindful of this when I am at work, because I have a gigantic water bottle and no other beverage options while I'm here.  It's at home where I often fail to drink when I should.  The only drawback in drinking more: the need to pee more often! 




I like tea, hot chocolate, and an occasional alcoholic beverage or soda.  Tea moreso in the winter, and ironically I just read an article on here about different teas that are healthy and went out to buy some white tea.  I plan on drinking an occasional cup of white or black tea, and maybe some camomile if I have insomnia.    I don't like the taste of green tea, so there is no love lost in avoiding it altogether. 




I only drink alcohol for special occasions or maybe once a week with my hubby for football games or if we go out to dinner, and only up to 8 oz. in on sitting.  My body can't handle anything more than that.




Soda I want to eliminate from my diet entirely--I did this for a total of 5 years and seemed to keep my weight down, and it's taken me another 5 to realize this!  Case in point: I drank 1 1/2 glasses of Coke on Sunday and when I weighed myself the next morning, I was 127 lbs!  Talk about instant water gain!  I will try hard to avoid it when the craving hits.  This will be a challenge on my pms days, and ones where I have low energy.  And, well, with hot chocolate, that goes with my second vice...




2. Too much caffeine.  I am a chocolate fiend.  I could eat chocolate at every meal if it was an option.  Yet, at the same time, I've found myself sometimes lately feeling like chocolate doesn't sound good, or tastes too sweet.  Therefore, I've avoided it.  During pms and stress-induced times, after meals, or during the mid-afternoon slump will be my worst times to battle the cravings.  I don't drink coffee, so I've always had to depend on my natural ability to wake up each morning.  But I have two reasons for wanting to stop eating/drinking anything with caffeine: eliminating water gain that leads to cysts, and aiding in my weight loss.  I guess I'll just have to keep doing my wake-up yoga stretches and try to get plenty of sleep each night.




3.  Eating breakfast last-minute.  The funny thing is, I get hungry often, and wake up with an appetite each morning.  However, I usually procrastinate eating anything until after I take care of everything else in my daily ritual of getting ready for the day.  I know this is not good.  What's worse is there are days when I run out of time to eat, and then force myself to wait until I can grab a snack mid-morning, or even worse--wait until lunch.  I don't eat a whole lot for lunch, though, and end up getting hungry mid-afternoon.  Snacks are not always available.  Which means, I eat a snack at home, or eat a meal equivalent to dinner by 4 p.m.  So then later I am able to a small dinner.  And then I'm hungry again for a snack before bed!  You'd think with the metabolism I seem to have, I'd be thinner.  I was always hungry growing up, which was the brunt of family jokes.  I am still that way, but it is not making much of a difference.  So that tells me it is all about my breakfast habits as of late, and I have to work on that.




4. Missing vitamins.  Let's just say mommy-brain has been the culprit here.  I have chewable vitamin supplements that taste great, I just don't always remember to take one a day.  I know, I need to do that.  It's not like I eat all the servings as indicated on the pyramid, so I'm sure I have low levels of things my body needs.  I do want to eat a more balanced diet as well, so I try to eat frutis and veggies as snacks.  Most recently I read about rye bread being a great option to those of us who can't stand wheat bread.  It's alot more palatable.  The benefits from eating better will improve my exercise performance and boost my mood.  I guess mommy-brain makes me forget this at all the wrong times.




5. Bad posture habits.  Doing yoga helps me be more mindful of the way my body is aligned, but even so, I have issues to work on.  I have scoliosis, and it twists my back up that much easier if I've moved wrong.  I get pinched nerves, sciatica on my right side, and leg imbalances when my hips shift.  I dislocated my knee a couple of years ago from standing too long while working in retail, and recovery has been painful.  It subluxes if I don't have a pillow between my legs at night, or if I don't sit properly.  Curse my loose joints from childbearing!  I have to fight to keep my shoulders back, and tummy tucked in.  There, I just sat up straight.  If only I can keep doing that.




I'll have to constantly come on here to remind myself of these flaws and make a conscious effort to live healthier.  It is the only way I'll be able to stop avoiding these issues.  This is going to be hard to keep myself in check!



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