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Exercising For Weight Loss and Fitness

Posted by NPolak on Nov 18, 2008 7:27:56 AM

My goal is to get the most out of exercising, while losing weight and getting loose skin from childbearing to firm up.  So far, I've been doing the couch to 5K program, and am on week 4.  At first, I didn't think I could do it.  But each day that I've followed the plan, I have surprised myself.  It is a great feeling to have such accomplishment, and I am excited to see the difference once I complete the last week.  For helping me sleep better and to have energy in the mornings, I found some bedtime yoga and wake up yogaboth to do from bedwhich have been very helpful, and take only 5 minutes to do.  I find that in doing those even on the days I run, I don't have to do further stretches before/after my workout, because I am already limber.


Exercise is not something I am new to.  In high school, I did step-aerobics daily to improve my stamina and keep toned.  But a hectic lifestyle pulled me from that 3 year regimen, and ever since I have been touch-and-go with various exercise plans.


I have done tae-bo, and successfully made my scoliosis flair up.


I did yoga throughout pregnancy, which sometimes helped, but I definitely saw the benefits when recovering from my c-section.  My lungs were in great shape, and I was able to walk around just 24 hours after the procedure.  I then went on a c-section recovery pilates regimen for 3 weeks, which helped me return to normal quicker.  Alas, my body fat at that point did not return to normal, and I've battled the problem ever since--now almost 5 years later.


I did regular pilates a few times, but quickly burned out.  I pushed myself to do more yoga, but found I needed more time to do it and didn't have the room to move around freely.


For a while, I did some resistance-band exercises, which helped.  I noticed some trimmed areas along my legs and arms.  But nothing has ever really helped my mid-section. 


But now I am going to follow some of the advice I've read through several of the articles on here.  In between the days of running, I am going to do the plank pose for 30 seconds, and the bicycle stretch for 10-15 reps.  Here's to a healthier life...

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