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How I started running

Posted by NotBornTorun on Aug 2, 2011 9:54:30 PM

I was a sprinter in highschool. 100s were my thing. I loved them, and I never ever enjoyed the longer runs during track practice. Infact, I loathed them. I hated Phys Ed. in high school. I was never into any team sports. I was a gymnast and a dancer, exclusively. I never had to worry about working out because I was blessed with a small frame and an oddly high metabolism as a teenager. The only physical activity I did regularly was competitive gymnastics, and heck. I LOVED it.


When I started working and going to college full time I had less time for dancing or any other type of physical activity. My routine became a constant cycle. Wake up, Classes, Work, Homework, movie/bed with boyfriend. I don't watch what I eat. And I tell you what, I eat a heck-of-a-lot for someone my size. So needless to say, no matter how high my metabolism may be (or have been once upon a time...) it has started to catch up with me. I started feel weaker and weaker by the day. I climb up a flight of stairs too fast and catch myself panting. I have ZERO excercise besides the constant circle I do like a maniac as a cocktail waitress 4 shifts a week... Suddenly there is flab and buldge in UNWANTED places. (Heck, it's all unwanted places, isn't it?)


Bottom line? I've been living a drastically unhealthy lifestyle for a few years now.

Now, I have coworkers who have done everything but drag me out on runs with them... They've been encouraging me to join they're weekly group run for months now.. Until, I said no so many times that they just simply stopped asking me, all together. I'd always find an excuse.. I don't have running shoes. I have plans. The runs are too early (I am not a morning person) or I don't want to slow them down with my terrible form or frantic breathing.


Until, one day I had a split second of decisiveness and just headed off to the YMCA. I jumped on the treadmill, and just........RAN. I. Me, Charlotte. I ran. And I just kept running. I ran until I couldn't run any further, and then I ran some more. Not until I literally thought I was going to lose my breakfast did I stop. It was a great feeling. I accomplished something I had secretly been wanting to for so long. Sure, I  probably ran the slowest ever, and I probably didn't run far (I refused to look. Prideful creatures, we are) So, I surprised my colleagues two weeks later with my registration form for the "Run for Beer" 5k. (My first and so far only official run!) And as all stories go, the rest is history.


However, I feel I've still been so halfassed about this to date. This is me taking complete control right now. I am revamping my training schedule. I am starting from scratch as if I'm a beginner coach potato. I registered for the Family Fun Run 5k in Baltimore, MD on September 24th and I'm taking the next 6(ish) weeks to polish my running.




I'm a huge fat NEWB and would love any and all advice anyone can give.

& Get used to me, because I'll be around a LOT

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Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, "Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?" - Peter Maher

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