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It's like yoga on water. Wow!


An exciting new sport called stand up Paddle Boarding has emerged as THE sport for celebrities and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. It's fun and as a bonus, it's a great fitness program. Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Matthew McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan have been caught-on-tape practicing this new sport while grinning from ear to ear.


It is a growing trend still its infancy, but expected to hit critical mass within the next couple of years. The sport is rapidly gaining momentum and has become a complimentary sport for surfers. It's origin is believed to have come from Polynesia and later popularized in Hawaii. I'm not sure about all that, but I do feel a little tribal when I'm doing it!


The beauty of this sport is that even when the waves are small, paddle boarding is still a whole lot of fun. Since the boards are longer and wider than surf boards you can surf large and small waves alike - for a much longer ride. This Hawaiian craze can be practiced on flat water, rivers and streams, or on the ocean.


As you slowly paddle along, gazing at all your surroundings, you can't help but sense a feeling of "being", while all the muscles in your body are worked - especially your core. Paddle Boarding is not only a complete fitness program but a relaxing and fulfilling outdoor activity that can be enjoyed regardless of whether you are 7 or 70 years old!


Try it; you will fall in love within the first 5 minutes!


Mario St-Cyr




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