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Who Would Have Thought It?

November 2009

And now 7 months later

Posted by PenAimie Nov 30, 2009

And so I worked out with the Wii (Fit, My Personal Trainer, EA Sport Active) from March to November.  In October I had the chance at a good deal on a used treadmill.  I was running on it when my husband walked by.  He stopped & gave me a strange look.  I said "What?"  And he said, "You're not even breathing hard."




Then a lady my age posted on a message board that I visit often.  She said that she had run a mile the night before.




If she can run, maybe I can too.  My endurance does seem to be improving.


So, I signed up for a local 5k on Thanksgiving day.  I chose one that I thought would have a small field.


I ran a couple of times a week.  Read articles for newbie runners.  Carbed down and back up again.  And finally got up early on Thanksgiving morning to head to my race.


The weather was cool (for Savannah) and the crowd was friendly.  There were babies in strollers and people with dogs.  When they said to line up, I headed for the back.  (Supposedly we had chips).


I started off slowly & passed a few walkers who had not started in the back of the field.  I held a fairly steady pace and finished in under 35 minutes (PR).  I was 6th in my division of 12 (45-54).


Yay!!  Under 35 minutes!  My first practice run just 2 weeks earlier had been 38 minutes.

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First, a little backround info.  After 51 years of refusing to exercise, I finally found an exercise regimen that I could stick to.

Back in March, I started working out with the Wii Fit.  It was really low impact and I stuck just with the Wii Fit for about 6 weeks.  Then I got "My Fitness Coach" (for Wii).  It turned out to be a really good workout.  Then I moved up again to EA Sport Active Personal Trainer.  Finally an exercise routine with enough variety to keep me interested.

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Who Would Have Thought It? Me.... taking up running at 51 and 1/2 years old!!!

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