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This was my first time for the SRBR.  I must admit that I was a little nervous, what with the cold (it was cold for Savannah) and the drizzle and the BIG BRIDGE!  But it was GREAT.


The event staff were friendly & helpful.  There was plenty of parking (free for the 5k on Hutchinson Island & $1 for the 10k by the Civic Center).


The information, tips & faq's on the website were invaluable in helping me to plan out my morning so that I could be where I needed to be on time.


The crowd waiting for the race to start was friendly & fun.  Santa was in a cherry picker at the start line, dancing before he blew the horn to start the race.


After the 5k, although trolleys were provided, many of us just walked to River Street to catch the Water Ferry (free) back to Hutchinson Island.  It was a nice distance for a cool down walk after the race.


The results were posted VERY QUICKLY!  My time was 35:38.  That put me almost exactly in the middle of my age group and overall.  Not bad for someone who has only been running for ONE MONTH!


I will DEFINITELY be doing this one again next year!!

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Savannah River Bridge Run

Posted by PenAimie Dec 2, 2009

Well, I did it.  I registered for "The South's Toughest Bridge Run"!  Remember, I am NOT a racer.  Heck, I'm not even comfortable calling myself a "runner" yet.  I still do a LOT of walking on a 5k.  But I'm over 50 years old and I'm up and moving.  So I'm pretty pleased with that!


I have 2 lady coworkers who DO consider themselves to be runners and they both told me that they will NEVER do the SRBR again!  OMG!  What have I gotten myself into?


Until I talked to them, my only worry was the wind on the bridge (196 feet above the Savannah River).  I don't do well with cold winds.  So I bought a new running jacket with a hood so I can keep my head & ears warm.


Anyway, I'm excited to get to participate in the Savannah River Bridge Run!  There were 4000 participants last year and this year the field is limited to 4500.  I'm just going to start in the back & if I stay there the whole time, that's just fine with me!


I'll post again in a few days.....

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