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I saw "Run Fatboy Run" yesterday, and was inspired enough to stop the movie in between and get a run. I went for a small run(much like my last run) and was back in about an hour to finish the movie.


I started thinking whatz my story? why do I want to get out for all the pain in unwanted places? While I was walking, running, playing with my kid, watching tv, I was still thinking. I imagined myself running a marathon(maybe a half... 26 miles seems a bit too stretch for me starting with 0.25 mile run ) , I couldnt find any till I came towards the finish line and saw my wife and kid waving and cheering me on to completion, that moment I realized that was my reason, my family, wife , kid and myself. To be healthy enough to be with them for as long as ever.To be able to play with my baby without my back aching or legs not supporting.

And also to run a marathon one day, to feel the moment of loved ones receiving you at the finish line.






again.... whatz yours?:)



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My first run...........

Posted by PradeepMahajan Mar 26, 2008

Well, I got out of my slumber and started running.

I guess I did a pretty good job on my first day, compared to what Ive been doin with my spare time for last couple of months in snow(sleep and tv mostly).Weather was ok, not freezing, not warm, just a hint of cool breeze.

I ran in sets of 100 paces, and was able to sustain for 3 runs with 2 walks in between, and walk for the rest of the track.

As I go further with my runs,I want to increase the run/walk numbers more, maybe adding one run each week to my prev week's.

I didnt count how many minutes or how much distance I covered with my runs, as I want to just run for couple of weeks, uninhibited, and not looking at my watch or pedometer.

Ive planned to run for alternate days , as pointed in most of the run programs that Ive referred and wanted to compliment the alternate days with swimming. But it turns out the local pool will not open till mid-May and the classes are not available till first week of Jun(I dont know swimming

So, maybe Ill just have a ok walk around my route with our baby:)

Therz a 5k marathon nearby happening in mid-Jun, which Im targetting, and will give myself a chance of actually doin it.

Lets see how long I sustain the ordeal and whether Im actually able to make it.

Ive purposefully avoided jotting down the pain that I had in various parts of my body ,post run.Just cause I know its not gonna be there in couple of weeks, and hopefully what will remain is a HEALTHY ME


FYI: This is the route that I run.

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As of today Im pretty messed up, with our first baby my back is in a bad shape,cant sit for long at a place.


Want to get into some serious cardio activities including running n swimming.



Lets see where this initiative takes me and how far I succeed.



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