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Summer love

Posted by Rileyryry Nov 15, 2010

This summer i dated a guy he was amazing..but it was hard because he lived an hour away we tryed to work it out but it didnt work..

We fighted and fighted untill we both stoped talking to each other.. But then today we started talking and its like he never made me cry

or hurt me it was like we have always been friends...Some people may say this sounds stuped but it was some thing i wannted to wright about

So heres a poem to him


I always new he was the right guy

but every one tould me he wasn't because we fought alost

people say this only happens in movies but mabey there right

But mabey there wrong

mabey he could be the one...Mabey just mabey



My mother tells me not to get my hopes up or they will be broken... But i haven't seemed to learn that lession yet





So does this seem like a movie..For who ever reads these?

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Your Real High

Posted by Rileyryry Nov 13, 2010
When your blood is rushing to your head because your upside down

When life is sad and gloomey and your happy and excite

When your going to scream in the most dull places

When your going to smile in the rain and walk in the sand

This is your real hiogh and no one ca or will take that away from you

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Posted by Rileyryry Nov 12, 2010

I live for the thrill

of hockey

you can watch it

come alive in your eyes

you can become the player

you always wannted to be

but first you have to be the watcher

to know what a player would

be like

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Posted by Rileyryry Nov 12, 2010

Its the love for the game witch makes us fight

Its the love for the game witch makes us win

Its the love for the game witch pushes

Its the love for the game witch helps us please

Its the good hope we bring in witch makes us strong

so watch were you walk or you may be the one to fall

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this is for alll the sport loves out there who need and extra push from poems

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