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Well there are a few new things I've got to mention since my last post.

My left wrist needs another cortisone shot (I've been told that I'll have to have it replace in the future since there's no cartilage left in it) and I now need to get shots in my left eye with some colon cancer drug since the doctors have told me that it's the only way I'll get my vision back (last visit with much improvement 20/400 {legally blind}..

Since it's the summer and we've have tremendous heat-- temps over 100 at least twice and in the 90's with humidity, my running times have suffered and I think my conditioning too....

I'm having a tough time with almost any run and have to stop often...

Then I look at my grandkids and having them ask me to play with tem --- I don't feel as old as I am....

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Posted by Rogerd430 May 8, 2010

Wll I've really been lazy or otherwise preoccupied, since it's been quite a while since my last post....

A lot has happened since the last post.... My daughter has stqarted running and now makes me go to races of her choice for company and sometimes pay (kids will always be kids!!!),

I've completed my 10th and 11th marathons ( Marine Corps and Miami), both were in my mind dismal failures--- the Marine Corps cuz I follwed the wrong training program and ended up cramping after 20 miles and finished in a miserable 5:06 and it gets better I cramped up after about 10 miles in Miami and really cramped up to the point of nearly throwing in the towel after 22- 23 miles and ended up fininshing th race by walking the last few miles and finished in 5:56.....YUCK1


Otherwise I'm still competing in races and finishing them  in the 9 min range


Still lovew it though and plan to do a 12 in Miami or some other warm weather spot next year...


By for now

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I Guess I'm Getting Lazy

Posted by Rogerd430 Feb 12, 2009

I guess I'm getting lazy since I'm posting this entry on a Thursday and wanted to post it last Sunday. I guess weekends are going to continue being tough with being involved in my grandchildren's lives and going to races.


Yes racing season is nearly on us. I'm debating whether to do the Hampton Half this Sunday the weather seems like it's going to be iffy so I'm iffy too. However, the Pub Series starts the following week with the first race out of Haverhill, a 5k. After that comes the 4 miler in Lawrence and finally the 5 miler in Lowell. I don't know exactly when they are scheduled, but soon.



It's also tax season, and this is the time where I make the money to take our vacations and funds all of my racing activities. But, it really takes a toll out of me... seeing all of the people so concerned since they are so worried about their jobs and lives. My oldest daughter, Nikki, is also kinda worried, but, if she gets laid off, she'll inherit my tax and accounting business and I guess I'll be working for her instead of for my wife.



Otherwise, I'm still training for the Great Bay Half marathon April that's going to be the first race in the NH Grand Prix series and I hope to do well. I guess I might be the only 60-70 year old running, I'm not certain about the new Bobby but I know Bill Manning is out and Eldon graduated to the 70's and I don't even think he'll be running since he's been down with a lot of injuries.



As far a myself, I still have the nagging left piraformus injury that haunts me and refuses to heal and occasionally my right hamstring and piraformus bother me. Once in a great while, my knees feel kinda weak... but I guess that has to do with age. I'm so lucky I'm able to do what I like, that is run!



Lately, after my runs, it seems as though I have become rejuvenated and most of the pain goes away for a while.



Well, enough for today.... See you on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!









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Trying to be Good

Posted by Rogerd430 Feb 1, 2009


Well, I'm trying to be good by keeping to my promise to write something down every Sunday.  Today is a lazy day around the home, just me and my treadmill and Marcia sleeping in the den --- she doesn't feel well today, thinks she caught the bug the kids had last week.



Took Nikki and the kids to New Balance after Skyla's game earlier in the morning-- bought the kids new sneakers and Sky and Haley, both a running shirt ( it can be used as a regular shirt, it's really adorable).  Bought myself a new pair of shoes ,858's,  after talking with a sales person that knows running also bought a new red running shirt and red shorts.  Doesn't hurt in the "being see" category while running.  Nikki, Marcia and Kira didn't want anything......



Just got off the treadmill and I'm real happy, it's the first workout I felt good after in a long time, despite me not wanting to start it... Supposed to do 8 miles but did 8.5  at a time of 74:33.  I'm curious to see what the Wii says I weigh today, I've been going down in my weight for a little time because of all the running and a change in diet Marcia put us on.  Yesterday, 186 lbs and today?



Super Bowl is tonight but it isn't the same without the Patriots in it--- hope the Cardinals win since the Pats creamed them earlier in the season by 40 points.



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Wednesday January 28, 2009

Posted by Rogerd430 Jan 28, 2009


Well, I'm kinda late in making an entry into my "blog", got caught up into all kinds of family stuff -- OK, my grandkids "gave" me a birthday party on Sunday in the afternoon.  In the morning, I had to help out with a club race "The Boston Prep 16 miler" I was the roadguard at mile 7 and it was sooo cold-- I was bundled way to much but, at least I wasn't cold like in the past.  AS I said the afternoon was my party and in the early evening, I had to do 10 miles as part of my training program to do the Great Bay Half Marathon in the first week of April.  So pretty much most of the day was done and I needed to get some rest since Monday is the day we babysit our grandkids.. and we're exhausted when we come home.



No training on Monday TOO TIRED.



Tuesday, had to do 6 miles and did it at 9:00 PM because of the hectic day.  I don't know how I ever got anything done when I was working full-time years ago.



Today, I painted our upstairs bathroom and am planning to do my training run of 3 mile (I'll do 3.5 instead to get a better handle on my conditioning and speed).  It's now 4:30 and I've got to go out and shovel the 6-10 inches of snow we got today and then later go on the treadmill for my run.



See you on Sunday!












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My 61st Birthday

Posted by Rogerd430 Jan 20, 2009


Today is my 61st birthday. Today also is the day that Barrack Obama has been sworn in as President of the United States. Last year on January 6th, I had the honor to introduce Barrack to the Derry, NH community at Pinkerton Academy in front of approximately 2,500 people. Before and afterwards, I had an opportunity to talk with him and gauge him as a man. I liked him. I liked the idea that they, his campaign managers from NH, came to ask me to introduce him early that same morning. I was in the middle of a 20 mile run (I was in the midst of training for the Carlsbad, CA Marathon that I finished on my 60th birthday) and just happened to swing back home (I never do this and I think I've done it once since then). They were able to convince me to do it and were a little bit upset that I wanted to finish my run. At the time, I had only finished approximately 3 miles. I was supposed to arrive at the site at 2:00 PM and from noon every 15 minutes the campaign people kept on calling my wife asking if I had finished. At about 12:45 I finished my run and my wife told them that. At 1:00 they called again and she told them I was cooling down. 1:15, she told them I was going into the shower and finally at 1:30 she told them we were on our way. Exciting!


There were so many thoughts flowing thru my mind that I really can't recall most of them. One part of them getting me to be the presenter(?) was that they were going to have a speech ready for me to give... I would have been so lucky?! At about 2:00, Obama was late fortunately, I was told to speak to the Publicity director and he would give me my speech. Well, over the phone ( I thought that he was going to be there in person) he gave me "talking points". I had to make my own speech. If you want to see it it's under my wife's you tube area (Marciad430) under the caption Roger and Obama. All in all I was so happy to do the introduction and got to meet and talk to him before and after his speech. In fact, the picture on my Avatar is a picture from that day. I got a chance to have him pose with me and 2 of my granddaughters. LUCKY GIRLS!!!!




I'll try to place more down later today after I finish my workout planned to get ready for the Great Bay 1/2 Marathon in April. Today. I'm supposed to do 5 miles with a 1 mile warmup and cooldown and the middle 3 at 10k pace. On the treadmill that'll be about 7.5 mph or around 8:00 min miles. Afterwards, I'll get back on the WiiFitness program and see how I'm doing. I hope to lose 15 pounds by the marathon. I'm down 4 already.



Well I just finished my birthday dinner, chicken feta burgers and roasted potatoes, and before dinner I went on the Wii and found out my age today is 40. A little above that of a few days ago of 35. But, oh well.



I finished my treadmill routine and added an additional mile all at a 2 degree incline-- 1 mi warmup (8:49 pace), 3 mi @ 10k pace (7:59 pace) and 2 mi cooldown (8:49 pace). I know that my pace on real ground will be a lot slower, but, I'm running like **** to keep ahead of the devil.......



Well enough for today.... Maybe someone will look at this an ask some questions.....?






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