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November 2007


Posted by RomanReyes Nov 5, 2007


Brought the GPS& cam w/ me to flag football on Saturday.  We won big (33-6).  Here's a pic of me showing my shutdown corner skills.  We play at Margate Field on the Northside of Chicago.  I'd love to show where this pic was taken using Google Maps but I haven't figured out how to place the image of the map in the blog as of yet.  It's a little confusing but give me some time...I'll figure it out!  Playoffs are this weekend!








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Posted by RomanReyes Nov 2, 2007

I was so excited to get the Sony equipment and test it out during Halloween that I forgot to introduce myself to everyone!  My name is Roman, I'm 30+ years old and I live on the northside of Chicago.  I have been married to my beautiful wife Jen for 7 years and we have 2 of the greatest sons you could ask for - Christian, 7 and Jayden (Jax), 2.  I am a transplanted NYer, having moved to Chicago in 1999.  Now that I've lived in Chi for awhile, people always ask me which city do I like better.  I'll only say this:  I like the pizza better in NY but I like how they pile the stuff onto hotdogs in Chi-town!  I have remained a loyal fan to my NY sports teams:  the Yankees (there was a World Series played this year?), the Jets & the Islanders.  I have adopted the Bulls as my favorite basketball team (now that I live here I gotta like at least one Chicago team and it ain't gonna be da Cubs!). 


One thing about living in Chicago that I love is its location right on Lake michigan.  The parks & paths right by the lake are beautifully maintained by the city and provide some great stops for my favorite pastime:  running.  I  took up running about 5 years ago when working out at the gym for hours stopped being an option.  Running was a quicker way to stay in shape and constantly provides me w/ challenges from 5Ks to marathons.  I'll be running at least 2 races during my time working for Sony; I plan to take you with me via the Sony GPS and digital media equipment to show you why I enjoy hitting the paths so much!


I'd love to tell you more about my life but there is 3 months more for me to do that!  You can check out my website if you'd like to see a couple of recent pics:


That's it for now!  Thank you Sony for giving me this opportunity and thank you all for reading...come back for's gonna be an exciting 3 months!

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Halloween Hijinks

Posted by RomanReyes Nov 1, 2007

Arrived at home from work yesterday to see the BIG Sony box in front of the door so Halloween started off with a big treat for me!  I couldn't wait for the training session on Thursday to learn how to use the GPS, Camera, NetCam, etc., so I opened everything up, read through the instructions (or as much as you can absorb in about 15 minutes) and the fam & I slipped into our costumes to head out for some sweets and for me to take this cool stuff out for a spin!

I've attached a pic of all of us.  My wife Jen is the green M&M.  My 2 year old son Jax is the Dinosaur.  The 7 year old dressed as Ghost Rider is my eldest son Christian and I am The Burger King.    

The Sony GPS worked great!  I downloaded all of the pics to my PC and  each of the pic was marked with a location on the Google Map (so that I knew exactly which houses gave the good candy!)  The Burger King costume was a big hit as kids kept asking me for Whoppers while I kept asking them if they had seen that Ronald McDonald character so that I could kick his butt.  Xtian & Jax had lots of fun and have alot of candy to go through until next year.

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Come Join me in Washington DC for a marathon, NYC for a family reunion, Stockholm for a little work/play & of course Chicago for some fun around my home town. Sony GPS will bring you along for the ride!

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