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Halloween Hijinks

Posted by RomanReyes on Nov 1, 2007 4:55:00 PM

Arrived at home from work yesterday to see the BIG Sony box in front of the door so Halloween started off with a big treat for me!  I couldn't wait for the training session on Thursday to learn how to use the GPS, Camera, NetCam, etc., so I opened everything up, read through the instructions (or as much as you can absorb in about 15 minutes) and the fam & I slipped into our costumes to head out for some sweets and for me to take this cool stuff out for a spin!

I've attached a pic of all of us.  My wife Jen is the green M&M.  My 2 year old son Jax is the Dinosaur.  The 7 year old dressed as Ghost Rider is my eldest son Christian and I am The Burger King.    

The Sony GPS worked great!  I downloaded all of the pics to my PC and  each of the pic was marked with a location on the Google Map (so that I knew exactly which houses gave the good candy!)  The Burger King costume was a big hit as kids kept asking me for Whoppers while I kept asking them if they had seen that Ronald McDonald character so that I could kick his butt.  Xtian & Jax had lots of fun and have alot of candy to go through until next year.

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