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Long Run Saturday - Shin splints suck

Posted by RunninOnE on Jan 3, 2009 12:42:12 PM

16 miles this morning, 6 or 7 with mild shin pain. Today the adrenaline of an otherwise enjoyable run won out over common sense. Let's hope it doesn't set me back for the rest of next week!


Despite the shin pain it was a great run. Nothing entered my mind, not work or relationship issues (I am lucky to have few, if any) or even sports and this weekend's NFL playoffs. I just ran. My mind was an empty canvass, and my feet were my brush(es). I loved it.  If only every run could be so enjoyable.  Even when other runs aren't as good, runs like this remind me why I do it.



I do have one confession. I committed what is, to me (and Bill Bowerman), the cardinal sin of training: backing up a fast run with a long run in consecutive days. I went out yesterday with the intention of putting in an easy run and ended running what was my fastest average run in awhile. My legs, despite the shin pain, were feeling fast.



That is why running is such a confusing sport to me. I love it, don't get me wrong, but how can things feel so good when sometimes something is broken or not right. Must be a microcosm of life somehow that I don't understand yet. My running this week has been great, but legs have not felt good or right all week. I have been icing them and taking advil and putting through the whole regimen. Maybe they will be better next week.



Such is life, as they say. Even when things are going great, sometimes it is hard to see how great things are because of some nagging issue that just won't go away. How many of us are guilty of moaning about some minor, relatively insignificant slight or problem in our lives when everything else is going relatively well, or even great? I am sure there are many.



As I finished up my run, I was thankful to have been able to enjoy my run despite the shin pain and the slower pace. Jumping off the treadmill, I limped over to get a towel to wipe it down and I made my way to the gym floor to stretch, happy to have had a good workout. I think it will make the beer taste better tonight.



Have a great weekend!



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