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Mid-Week Long Run - recovering from shin splints

Posted by RunninOnE on Jan 14, 2009 7:02:43 PM

After about two weeks of shin splints, I finally resumed some base training this week. I am still stuck inside, and will continue to be until the temps here cack freezing, which is, currently, 44 degrees warmer than my current location.


The shins aren't perfect, but they are better everyday. Even over the course of the last two runs they have improved. I did four miles Monday and really questioned whether I should continue, and did six miles today no problem, only minor irritation. A steady stream of ice wraps has kept me recovering most likely, but I expect to be at full strength soon. I will only have about six weeks to train for the next marathon, so I won't be setting any records.


The shin splints were the result of poor planning, ramping up mileage too quickly to try and set a PR, despite the fact that I know my body can only handle so much "ramping up" in a short period of time. And such is life. How many times do any of us start at step 3, skipping over 1 and 2, even armed with the full knowledge of what we skipped. I knew I was overreaching on my mileage, but I did it anyways. Such is life, as they say.



But it is never too late to slow down, regroup, and start anew. If we have gone out of the gate faster than we should have we will soon know, and don't keep moving in that direction just because that is where you are already pointing. If we have to adjust to new circumstances, or change our plans as new information arises, then that is what we do.



Don't be afraid to be wrong. Don't be afraid to fail. You show me a runner who has never been injured and I will show you someone who will never realize their full potential. Boy, if life isn't the same way, may the good Lord strike me down.



So don't be afraid to stetch your boundaries. THe first time you run that new route and double back and make your run two miles longer than you intended will be well worth it the twentieth time you run that route, and I bet you won't even think about that first time.



Good luck out there!



P.S. - watch the Wanamaker Mile on NBC this year. It might be the most compelling race you watch all year.



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