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NEEDING 1 more 12U and 14U (FREE ENTRY FEE-SUNDAY ROUND ROBIN)...THIS WEEKEND, JUNE 11th - 12th "WARM-UP CLASSIC INVITATIONAL" NOW ONLY $30.00 ENTRY FEE, 4 GG (ADDING SUNDAY ONLY ROUND ROBIN, 16U/18U) ... 10U - 18U (Team List GROWING) by SBulldog gold, open_teams, 10u-18u;10u;12u;14u;16u;18u;fastpitch;tournaments_fastpitch_softball_texas;, 10u;12u;14u;18u 2 months ago
Looking for 1 more 8U...RESCHEDULED NEXT WEEKEND (JUNE 11 - 12, 4GG JUST 1 DAY)1st ANNUAL "PIXIE WORLD CLASSIC INVITATIONAL"...WHO IS REALLY BEST OF THE BEST???.Separating All-Star & Open Teams if we have enough! ONLY $30.00 ENTRY FEE...(Team List Added) by SBulldog 6u;8u;competitive;travel;select;softball;asa, 6u;8u;10u;12u;texas;6u;8u;10u;12u;all-stars;, allstars;fastpitch_softball;tournaments;, tournament;6u 2 months ago
(SATURDAY ONLY) REDUCED ENTRY FEE - ONLY $75.00 - "The Big Blues Bash II" - 6U & 8U  ...BENEFITING "RELAY FOR LIFE" (TEAM LIST, STILL LOOKING FOR A COUPLE MORE 6U & 8U TEAMS) by SBulldog 6u;8u;10u;12u;texas;6u;8u;10u;12u;all-stars 4 months ago
(TEAM LIST) ONLY FREE, FREE ENTRY FEE THIS SATURDAY APRIL 16TH - 3 or 4GG!!! - CHANGING TO SATURDAY ONLY ROUND ROBIN (10U - 16U ALL-STAR/OPEN TEAMS) TO "BIG BLUES BASH II" by SBulldog 10u;12u;14u;16u;18u;, 10u;12u;14u;16u;18u;fastpitch;tournaments_fastpitch_softball_texas, 10u-fastpich-softball;12u;, 10u-18u; 4 months ago
POSSIBLY FREE ENTRY FEE...THIS SUNDAY APRIL 10TH ROUND ROBIN (LOOKING FOR AT LEAST 1 MORE 10U & 14U) by SBulldog 10u;12u;14u;16u;18u;fastpitch;tournaments_fastpitch_softball_texas, 10u-fastpich-softball;12u; 4 months ago
ONLY $50.00 ENTRY FEE (Looking for 1 more 10U, 12U, & 14U Teams...SPECIAL DEAL FOR YOU- SUNDAY ROUND ROBIN 5GG - "The Big Blues Bash" - 10U - 16U (TEAM LIST)  Benefiting "Relay For Life" by SBulldog softball-fastpitch, fastpitch, texas, 10u, texas;, texas_asa;, 10u;12u;14u;, 10u-fastpich-softball;12u; 4 months ago
"MEMORIAL DAY CLASSIC II" - ONLY $75.00 ENTRY FEE - HOSTED BY CITY OF ANGLETON PARKS & RECREATION DEPT. : MAY 25 - 27, 2012 (Team List Updated 5/20/12) by SBulldog teams, games, softball-fastpitch, texas, 14u, houston, select, asa, tournament, 10u, 12u, 16u, travel_softball, 18u, 8u, 12u;tournament 4 years ago
18U Texas Trouble: Needing pick-up player ASAP for National Tournament in Florida July 17 - 23, Utility Player Needed! by SBulldog softball-fastpitch;, looking_for_players;, pitching;, houstontexas;, texas;16u;18u;, travel-team; 5 years ago
GROWING MORE (Deadline Tonight): 12U/14U (SAT.) & 16U/18U (SUN.) TEAM LIST "Summer 1-Day Round Robin" presented by Texas Trouble ONLY $65.00 - July 9th & 10th (Team List Updated 7/6/11) by SBulldog friendlies, 16u;, softball-fastpitch;, 18u;, fastpitch;, 10u;, houstontx;, 12u;14u;, softball-fastpitch;tournaments; 5 years ago
Had 12U team drop & NEED 1 MORE ASAP & willing to charge ONLY 1/2 of ENTRY FEE TO ONLY $35.00 For 5GG - Texas Trouble & City of Angleton present "Creme' De La Crop" Explosion - Team List Updated (Any 14U - 16/18U Teams ONLY $25.00 Entry) by SBulldog 14u, 10u, 12u, 18u, 16u;, teams;, softball-fastpitch;, 12u;, houston;, fastpitch;, 8u;, select;, 16u/18u; 5 years ago
Texas Trouble Presents: "Pre-State Friendly Round Robin" - (ONLY $70.00 ENTRY FEE) THIS WEEKEND 1-Day ONLY either Saturday June 11th or Sunday June 12th (NEEDING 14U - 18U OPEN TEAMS, WILL OFFER DISCOUNT) - TEAM LIST UPDATED 6/9/11 & GROWING by SBulldog gold, 14u, houston, select, teams;, softball-fastpitch;, 12u;, fastpitch_softball;, texas;, fastpitch;, 10u;, tournament;, 6u;8u;, 14u;16u;18u;softball, tournaments;, 10u;12u;: 5 years ago
18U Texas Trouble - Open Practice / Tryouts TOMORROW Wednesday 6/1/11 @ 7:00pm (Needing Bracket Pitcher(s), Catcher, & Utility Players) by SBulldog players, ;, pitchers, travel_ball_team, fastpitch_softball;, softball;, tryouts;, 18u;, houston;, fastpitch;, fast-pitch;16u 5 years ago
AGSA Proudly Presents "Road to State 2011" - April 29 - May 1 (More Teams Added (49 Total teams so far and still taking entries. Deadline today to enter): List Updated 4/27/11) by SBulldog 14u, teams;, softball-fastpitch;, 12u;, fastpitch_softball;, texas;, 10u;, tournament;, 6u;8u; 5 years ago
Looking for any 8U League teams wanting to play Friendly Round Robin games on Saturday 4/2/11 in Angleton by SBulldog 5 years ago
"Big Dawg Shootout" Round Robin - March 20th, 2011 (Team List Updated 3/18/11) - SUNDAY ONLY $50.00 Round Robin ADDED FOR ANY 10U - 16U TEAMS ONLY by SBulldog teams, softball-fastpitch, softball, community, fastpitch, tournament, sunday, fastpitch_softball, angleton, texas;, 8u;, 6u;, round_robin;, tournament;10u;12u;14u;16u;18u;houston 5 years ago
Re: im looking for a team. by SBulldog 5 years ago
16U/18U Texas Trouble - NEEDING Pitcher & Catcher for upcoming weekend by SBulldog 5 years ago
Return of "THE TOURNAMENT OF TRUE CHAMPIONS" Benefiting Local Special Olympics by SBulldog 6 years ago