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Waylaid Plans

Posted by SharynLS on Mar 16, 2010 6:28:29 PM

I had my day all neatly planned out....and then....!


Get up at 6am, shower, pack lunch for daughter, get daughter up and ready for school, get to school by 7:45, drop her off at pre-school and then substitute until 3:15, then tutor from 3:30-5:30, go home, go for a run (W1D2), fix dinner, relax, get daughter to bed, watch Biggest Loser and then go to bed myself....*sigh*


Everything was going as planned.  I had my protein shake with fat free milk for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for lunch...then instead of eating the banana I had...I ate 3 mini chocolate chip cookies that were sitting in the teacher work room...GRR!  But I was still planning on a run and then a dinner of grouper, brown rice and broccoli.


On the way home at 5:45, my DH called and said could I stop by the store to get a few needed items and then when I got home HE was going for a run.   I was a little ticked, because we had talked about me going for a run when I got home, but he said he would be quick.


I got home at 6:15 and fixed my daughter supper and I ate a salad I had picked up at the store...because I figured it would be too late to run and then fix dinner for everyone.  By the time my DH got back from his run it was almost 7pm and I needed to start getting my daughter ready for bed. (he ended up eating leftover stuffed green peppers)  My daughter was in bed by 7:45....and it was too dark for me to run by myself.  I know some people run after dark...but I don't feel particularly safe.


I am now watching the Biggest Loser and feeling a bit guilty.  I think when it is over, I will do some Wii Active so I can at least burn some calories (like those cookies!!)


Tomorrow will hold no chance of running either.  I substitute until 3:15, but have to do a bunch of grading and entering grades, because it is the end of the quarter and the teacher I am subbing for will be out for at least another week.  Once I finish that, I will probably end up eating dinner at church before the Wed. night service..then home to put kiddo to bed ...etc.


Looks like Thursday will be the next opportunity!  I don't know how people can get in runs consistently... my life is a bit hectic right now!!!

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